UK EV drivers, now’s the time to tell the government what you think about chargers

If you’re an EV driver in the UK, you’ve got a chance to tell the government exactly what you think about the state of the nation’s electric vehicle charging points.

Late last week, the UK government opened a consultation that runs until April 10, and is asking UK EV users to comment on what it’s like using charging points in the country and how they can be improved.

The call is coming from national authorities, the Department for Transport and the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, which are looking to develop legislation to govern how EV chargers operate.

That legislation would effectively standardize how EV charging works in the country. In a world of different connectors, apps, and charging options, standardization would be a huge boon for EV drivers.

A big focus appears to be on how drivers pay for charging. The DfT and OZEV want to enforce the use of a single payment method and make payments as easy as possible. At the moment, every different charger company has its own app, and it can get a bit confusing.

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The transport bodies also want to find ways to ensure the network is reliable, and that chargepoint data is open so that users can see the status of chargers before visiting.

Respondents will also be able to comment on how charging infrastructure can be made safer, better lit, and friendlier for disabled drivers.

You can read the DfT’s full, and lengthy, proposal here. Want to have your say? Click here.

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Published February 15, 2021 — 11:03 UTC

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