Lexus dishes teasers of new concept car ahead of reveal next week – Roadshow

Lexus concept car teaser

Alright, it looks good so far.


The concept car teased here is meant to serve as a brand makeover for Lexus, the company said this past February. On Tuesday, Lexus decided to show just a little bit more ahead of its reveal in a week.

We still don’t have name or many details, but so far, it looks pretty sleek with a bit of high-riding sedan look. Up front, things look a little more traditionally Lexus with a big grille, L badge and jagged LED accent lights. However, the rear looks like a departure with an evolution of current designs. Between these teasers and a couple Lexus tossed our way last month, it seems designers went for a more futuristic, horizontal light bar look and the brand badge is nowhere to be found. Instead, the name “Lexus” is spelled out on the car’s rear. 

Lexus concept car teaserLexus concept car teaser

This looks more like the Lexus we’ve known for awhile.


Other than these looks at the design, we’ll have to wait and see what this concept car is all about. I took an educated guess last month and said this will be some sort of electric car, judging by a lack of exhaust outlets. But, maybe they’re hiding really well. There very well could be an engine under the hood, but now seeing the side profile, I have a feeling we’re in for something similar to the Polestar 2. The 2 sort of embodies the sedan-as-crossover look pretty well.

We won’t have too many sleeps to wait as Lexus plans to reveal the concept car on March 30.

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