Ford is killing off the Mondeo globally in 2022 – Roadshow


The Ford Mondeo — aka the Fusion — is not long for this world.


Ford has been on a tear for the past few years in the US, where it’s been killing off basically anything that’s not a truck or an SUV. 

Europe has escaped some of that, but the Ford Mondeo — also known as the Ford Fusion here in the US, where it’s been gone since 2020 — is soon to be dead globally, the company announced Thursday, March 25.

The decision to send the Mondeo to the guillotine was made as Ford moves more toward electric vehicles and hybrids like the Explorer PHEV as well as the Kuga (aka the Escape) and Galaxy (a minivan).

The Ford Mondeo was introduced in 1993 as a replacement for the Ford Sierra. It was Ford’s first attempt at a global car, and we saw it in the US first as the Ford Contour. Its platform also underpinned the Mercury Cougar, the seventh-generation Taurus and the Jaguar X-Type, among others.

Production of the Mondeo is set to continue until early 2022.

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