IBM plots Spectrum Fusion storage platform, new systems

IBM is updating its storage lineup to account for containers and software defined storage for data and hybrid cloud workloads.

The company said that it will launch a container-native software defined storage platform called IBM Spectrum Fusion in the second half of 2021. IBM said it will combine its file system and data protection technology with an aim of managing applications and data across data centers, hybrid cloud and edge infrastructure.

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IBM also said it is updating its IBM Elastic Storage System with a revamped ESS 5000 system and ESS 3200. Both systems add more storage capacity and read performance relative to predecessors.

Details for IBM Spectrum Fusion breakdown like this:

  • IBM Spectrum Fusion will be a hyperconverged infrastructure system that will integrate compute, storage and networking.
  • The platform will come with Red Hat OpenShift to support virtual machines, containers and software defined storage.
  • IBM Spectrum Fusion will be integrated with IBM Cloud Satellite as well as Red Hat Advanced Cluster Manager (ACM).
  • In early 2022, IBM will release a software-defined only version of IBM Spectrum Fusion.
  • Data sets will be managed based on the most pertinent storage tier.

The IBM Elastic Storage Systems updates include:

  • The 2U IBM ESS 3200 provides data throughput of 80 GB/second per node, a 100% improvement from the ES 3000. The 3200 supports up to 8 InfiniBand HDR-200 or Ethernet-100 ports. ESS 3200 includes up to 367TB of storage capacity per 2U node.

IBM’s ESS 3200 storage system. 


  • The IBM ESS 5000 supports containerized deployment via Red Hat Ansible.
  • Both the ESS 3200 and ESS 5000 support Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes Container Storage Interface (CSI), snapshots and clones as well as Ansible, Windows, Linux and bare metal environments. IBM Spectrum Scale is also included. ESS 3200 and ESS 5000 also work with IBM Cloud Pak for Data.  

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