Fitbit’s upcoming feature will help you prove you don’t snore THAT loudly

If your friends have stayed over at your place, they might have had stories about how loudly you snore. And unless there’s some video evidence, it might be hard for you to prove otherwise.

However, Fitbit’s upcoming feature might help you do just that. According to an APK teardown for Fitbit’s upcoming Android app version 3.42, from 9to5Google, the company’s preparing an app update with a “Snore and Noise detect” feature.

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The app uses a mic on your Fitbit device to detect noise and determine if you’re snoring. According to screenshots posted by the publication, the feature and the mic gets turned on when the wearable detects that you’re sleeping:

We look for snore-specific noises. When our algorithm detects an event that’s louder than the baseline noise level, it performs a calculation to decide if it’s snoring or something else. 

Credit: 9to5Google
Fitbit’s upcoming feature that detects noises in the room and snoring using your wearable’s mic

Here’s the catch: the app can’t detect who’s snoring. So even if your friend or partner is snoring, it might catch it and record it as your snoring. Fitbit’s new feature will categorize your snoring habit into “None to mild (<10% time of sleeping), “Moderate” (10-40% time of sleeping), and “Frequent” (>40% time of sleeping).

Now, you’ll have mathematical proof to keep in front of your friends that you don’t really snore as much as they claim.

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