These true wireless noise-cancelling earbuds are $98, less than half the regular price – CNET



A good pair of true wireless earbuds are relatively easy to come by these days, but finding one with decent noise cancellation can be a bit more challenging. It gets even more complicated if you’re using an Android phone instead of an iPhone, due to how tricky it is to get and set of AirPods to fully work with anything that isn’t made by Apple. If you’re on the lookout for a good deal on true wireless earbuds capable of protecting your ears from sound around you, Sony is currently selling a decent pair for $98.

Best Buy currently offers these earbuds in two different colors, though currently offered at different price points. The blue model in the picture above is the model offered at the steepest discount, slightly more than half off its original price. The black model is also on sale, though it’s currently $20 more than the blue model.

Either way you go, these are decent earbuds with quality audio and noise cancelling features in a slim charging case, which you can read more about in our full review

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