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If you’re on the hunt for an Instant Pot deal, stick with CNET. We’ve been watching carefully for price drops on the popular kitchen appliance. For example, the Instant Pot Ultra with precision dial is down to $70 — one of the lowest prices we’ve seen the model drop to. One of Instant Pot’s copycats, a well-rated 6-quart Insignia multicooker is also down to a ridiculously low $25 at Best Buy.

Instant Pot is the aways popular multicooker that functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer and warmer, with a saute mode so you can make tender meats like brisket, beef stew, shredded chicken and pulled pork from start to finish. Check out these five big reasons to buy an Instant Pot for more helpful info on the small kitchen appliance that home cooks swear by for easy meals.

Wondering how to spot a multicooker deal? Instant Pots come in more variations than laptops, it seems, and pricing is often all over the map. The main rule: $60 to $70 is the sweet spot for a six-quart Instant Pot. Most Instant Pots come in three-, six- and eight-quart sizes, with the six-quart models being the most popular for families. For a single person or even a couple, you could easily get away with a three-quart.

These are the best live deals on Instant Pot from around the web, but check back as we’ll be updating this list regularly.

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Crock-Pot 6-quart multicooker: $30

You save $80


This is about as low as you’ll see any 6-quart multicooker drop. While Crock-Pot may not the first brand that comes to mind when you think of the modern pressure cooker, this Instant Pot knock-off does everything you’ll need it to and gets extremely good marks in buyer reviews.

The Duo Nova has a few more features than the original Duo but is still an ideal first model for a multicooker novice. The Duo Nova combines seven appliances: Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, food warmer, and yogurt maker. The three-quart size is perfect if you’re cooking for two or three and $50 is a very tasty price.


This Insignia multicooker does all the key things an Instant Pot does, but you’ll pay a third of the price. It also scores high marks in a whopping 3,000-plus verified purchase reviews, so don’t stress if you’re not as familiar with the brand name. We’ve done the digging and this discounted multicooker checks out. 

Instant Pot

The Viva appears to be an offshoot of the popular Duo model with the addition of sous vide and cake-making (!) options, according to Instantpotology. This Instant Pot does just about everything you’d want or need a multicooker to do and under $50 is about as low as you’ll see it go. It features 15 cook settings: soup, meat/stew, chili, cake, egg, slow cook, pressure cook, sauté, rice, multigrain, steam, sterilize, porridge, warm and yogurt. Again, six quarts is the most popular size: It’s large enough to cook for groups but not so huge that you’ll find it difficult to store. It also has OverHeat Protection, a safety lock to ensure safe pressure cooking.

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