Dell EMC launches new VxRail systems, dynamic nodes, automation tools

Dell Technologies launched new Dell EMC VxRail systems that include the latest technology from its PowerEdge servers, rolled out dynamic nodes to manage storage and compute separately and added more automation tools for deployments.

VxRail is Dell Technologies’ hyperconverged systems headliner and company executives have noted that tight integration between Dell EMC gear and VMware will continue even as the latter is spun off as an independent company.

The other notable update to the VxRail lineup is the addition of Nvidia A40 or A100 Tensor Core GPU options. Nancy Hurley, senior manager of product marketing for Dell EMC’s hyperconverged and converged systems unit, said customers have been adopting Nvidia GPU systems at a rapid clip for artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads.

“We are seeing a great deal of adoption for AI and ML and we’re looking to expand ease of management for Nvidia,” said Hurley. “Previously, customers were using Nvidia more for VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure).”

Among the key VxRail rollouts:

  • VxRail is leveraging Dell EMC PowerEdge server technology including 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors.
  • Select VxRail systems are also being updated with 3rd generation AMD EPYC processors with up to 64 cores per processor.
  • VxRail V Series is now offering Nvidia A40 or A100 Tensor Core GPU options and can be combined with Nvidia’s AI software and NVMe caching.
  • VxRail P Series is getting a 20% increase in capacity for workloads such as VDI, streaming video and medical imaging.
  • VxRail E Series is adding 50% more PCIe slots.

On the manageability front, Dell EMC is launching VxRail dynamic nodes, or compute only systems designed to simplify storage management. With VxRail dynamic nodes, customers can expand external storage and share vSAN storage capacity across clusters.


VxRail dynamic nodes can be managed via VMware vSAN HCI Mesh and configured multiple ways with VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail.

For automation, Dell EMC is adding new self-service features to VxRail HCI System Software so customers can validate, orchestrate and automate clusters. Other software additions aim to streamline VMware updates into one cycle for easier life cycle management.

Availability for the new VxRail systems is the following:

  • VxRail systems with Intel 3rd Generation Xeon processors will be globally available in July 2021.
  • VxRail systems with AMD 3rd Generation EPYC processors will be globally available in June 2021.
  • VxRail HCI System Software updates will be globally available in July 2021.
  • VxRail dynamic nodes will be globally available in August 2021.
  • VxRail self-deployment options will begin availability in North America through an early access program in August 2021.

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