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Facebook headquarters are based in Menlo Park, California, but the company has offices throughout the world.

James Martin/CNET

Facebook said Wednesday that it’s giving more employees the option to keep working from home if their jobs can be done remotely.

The social media giant, which has more than 60,600 workers, said in 2020 that employees would be eligible to permanently work from home if they’re experienced and have a strong recent job performance. As of June 15, Facebook will open up remote working as an option to all levels of the company including entry-level employees.

The coronavirus pandemic has fueled a shift to remote work especially for tech companies, many of which have employees who can do their jobs at home. As cities start to fully reopen, companies are trying to figure out how to offer their workers more flexibility. Twitter is also giving employees the option to work from home permanently. Some Apple workers have reportedly voiced concerns about a new policy that would require them to return to work three days a week starting in September. 

Facebook said employees who choose to return to the office will likely be in the office about half of the time. There are some workers Facebook has said can’t work remotely such as people who work on development of hardware or content reviews who moderate self-harm and counter-terrorism.

The social network said its US offices are expected to reopen at 50% capacity by early September and fully by October. Facebook has already started reopening some offices in the Asia Pacific and in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa and hopes to open more offices at 50% capacity by the end of this year.

Facebook employees can use 20 business days to work from another location where they’re authorized to work through the rest of this year. The social network said that it’s also gradually expanding the option for more employees to work remotely from another country.

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