LinkedIn is rolling out dark mode globally – CNET


LinkedIn says dark mode has been a highly requested feature from its members.


LinkedIn will start rolling out dark mode worldwide on Monday, giving its more than 774 million members the option to browse the business-oriented social network with white text on a dark background. 


A comparison of light and dark mode on LinkedIn.


The Microsoft-owned social media company confirmed this year that it planned to release dark mode, but work on the feature was also spotted in 2019. LinkedIn joins other tech companies, including Facebook and Twitter, that’ve already embraced a dark theme. Last week, Google added dark mode to search on desktop. 

LinkedIn said dark mode, through color and contrast, is meant to cut down on eye strain and help people who are sensitive to light (though evidence of its potential benefits hasn’t been conclusive). The company said it also designed the display option to make text easier to read. Dark mode, often used in low-light conditions, could also help save battery life. 

To access dark mode, users go to their account preferences. From there, they’ll see dark mode listed under display, and users will be able to switch back and forth from dark to light mode.

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