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While there are a whole bunch of streaming services out there for you to choose from, HBO Max is one of the best. As a subscriber myself, I’ve found countless old-school TV shows that I rewatch for a pure hit of nostalgia. And there are several HBO Max originals that make the subscription worth it. But I’m also a subscriber of other services and when you add them up it costs a pretty penny. So, this deal for a HBO Max subscription for 50% off is a deal you shouldn’t pass up.

You’re not even paying up front: It’s $7.49 a month for the first six months, instead of $15, and you can cancel any time. It’s a limited-time deal, valid through Sept. 26 and is only for new and returning HBO Max customers. (It’s not clear if you cancel an existing subscription if you’re allowed to take advantage of the offer. We’ll update if we find out.) And while some streaming services offer subscription models with ads, including HBO Max, this one is completely ad-free. I find nothing more annoying than binge-watching my favorite new show and having ads come up right when the plot is getting interesting, so choosing HBO Max’s ad-free option is optimal. 

If you decide to subscribe to the ad-free service you also get access to Warner Bros. movies the same day that they premiere in theaters. For parents in need of content for children, you can look forward to the ever-popular Sesame Street, Care Bears and more. 

If that isn’t enough, I cannot stress how great it is to watch what I want while other people in my household can stream as well. With up to five profiles, I’ve never had an issue with my account. And when you’re on the go with limited internet access, you can save yourself the headache by downloading and watching your favorites offline. There are also select movies that have 4K Ultra HD for those who want the best visual quality.

Check out HBO Max for yourself and see how much content it offers — you’ll see just how much of a deal this is in comparison to the regular subscription.

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