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It’s hard to find anything for $15 these days, never mind a sturdy piece of kitchen cookware from a legacy producer that should give you literally decades of use. Right now, a chef’s-favorite Lodge 10.25-inch preseasoned cast-iron skillet is less than $15 — down from $27 — at Walmart. That’s $20 cheaper than on Amazon and one of the best deals on cast iron we’ve seen in a minute. 

Cast iron gets high praise from pro chefs and home cooks for its ability to retain high heat, making it a perfect candidate for searing burgers, steaks, chicken breasts and home fries with that coveted crispy crust. Cast iron requires slightly different care than other cookware, including an initial seasoning, but this particular skillet comes preseasoned and ready to roll. 

You will pay $6 for shipping but considering cast iron’s weight, that’s a bargain too. Get your cart over $35 and Walmart will ship it all for free.

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