Grace Dent Leaves “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” on Medical Grounds

Grace Dent Leaves "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" on Medical Grounds

The Guardian restaurant critic departs the reality TV show early due to health reasons, leaving behind a heartbroken camp.

Grace Dent, renowned restaurant critic for The Guardian, has left the popular reality TV show “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” on medical grounds. Dent’s departure was announced by ITV, and she was seen at Brisbane airport shortly after. In a heartfelt statement, Dent expressed her sadness at leaving the camp and thanked her fellow contestants for their support and friendship. The news of her departure has left the camp mates and viewers in shock, as they praised Dent for her resilience and contribution to the show.

Struggling in the Jungle

During her time on the show, Dent had openly expressed her difficulties with the jungle experience. In a conversation with fellow contestant Josie Gibson, she admitted to feeling overwhelmed and wanting to go home. In a video diary, Dent revealed that she was running low on energy and putting on a brave face for everyone. Her struggles were evident, and it seemed that the challenges of the jungle were taking a toll on her both physically and emotionally.

Bug-Infested Trial

One of the trials Dent participated in was the “touchdown of terror,” where she teamed up with YouTuber Nella Rose. The task required them to retrieve footballs from a box filled with bugs and throw them to their teammate while wearing a helmet filled with jungle critters. Unfortunately, during the trial, a cockroach crawled into Dent’s ear, causing her distress. The medic was called, and the bug was successfully flushed out. This incident may have contributed to Dent’s decision to leave the show.

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Messages of Support

Upon hearing the news of Dent’s departure, her fellow camp mates expressed their support and love for her. Danielle Harold, known for her role in EastEnders, tearfully shouted her affection for Dent, praising her for her resilience. Marvin Humes from JLS also expressed his sadness at Dent’s departure, assuring her that she hadn’t let anyone down. The camp mates and viewers alike will miss Dent’s presence on the show, as she was regarded as a great camp mate and a source of entertainment.

Dent’s Love for Food

Before entering the jungle, Dent had expressed her apprehension about the lack of food. As a restaurant critic, she was used to indulging in four or five posh meals a week. The prospect of being hungry was a major concern for her. Dent’s departure from the show may have been influenced by the physical challenges and the lack of access to the food she was accustomed to.


Grace Dent’s departure from “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” due to medical reasons has left a void in the camp and the hearts of her fellow contestants. Her struggles in the jungle, including the bug-infested trial, took a toll on her well-being. Despite her early exit, Dent was praised for her resilience and contribution to the show. As the remaining contestants continue their journey, Dent’s departure serves as a reminder of the physical and emotional challenges faced by participants in reality TV shows.