Celebrity Thanksgiving Posts: Fashion, Food, and Unlikely Collaborations

Celebrity Thanksgiving Posts: Fashion, Food, and Unlikely Collaborations

A Closer Look at the Quirky Outfits and Controversial Collaborations in Celebrity Thanksgiving Posts

Thanksgiving is a time when celebrities take to social media to share glimpses of their holiday celebrations. From cooking feasts to glamorous outfits, these posts provide a window into the lives of the rich and famous. However, this year seemed lighter on the usual celebrity Thanksgiving extravaganzas. Let’s dive into some notable posts, discussing everything from fashion choices to unexpected collaborations.

Jennifer Garner’s Baking Adventure:

Jennifer Garner’s Thanksgiving post caught attention not for her baking skills but for her outfit choice. While most people opt for comfortable loungewear while cooking, Garner donned a suede skirt, sweater, and boots. The question arises: how can one cook in such attire without fear of stains and spills? Is this a result of a brand partnership, or does Garner simply have a different approach to cooking?

Leah Remini’s Mystery and Marshmallow Woes:

Leah Remini’s Thanksgiving post raised eyebrows for different reasons. Not only was her outfit hidden, but she was also seen struggling to peel sweet potatoes while wearing jewelry. Many can relate to the struggle of cooking with accessories, leaving us curious about her choice. Additionally, Remini’s frustration with sweet potato and marshmallow dishes sparked a debate on the controversial combination, revealing personal preferences and culinary divides.

Martha Stewart’s Mashed Potatoes:

Martha Stewart initially caused a stir by claiming she was canceling Thanksgiving, only to clarify that she wasn’t. Amidst the confusion, one thing that piqued interest was her mention of mashed potatoes, the dish that brought her and Snoop Dogg together. The curiosity surrounding Stewart’s mashed potato recipe has many eager to try it themselves.

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Amanda Seyfried’s Shanghai Sojourn:

While the focus shifted away from Thanksgiving, Amanda Seyfried’s recent trip to Shanghai for a Lancôme event garnered attention. The stunning gold dress and the backdrop of a recreated Louvre showcased the brand’s efforts to expand in the Asian market. With Pharrell set to bring Louis Vuitton to Hong Kong, the growing significance of the region is undeniable.

Kelly Rowland’s Australian Denim Look:

During her recent performance in Australia, Kelly Rowland turned heads with her impeccable denim ensemble. Amongst the recent denim trends, Rowland’s outfit stood out as one of the best, leaving fashion enthusiasts in awe.

Keke Palmer’s Resilience:

With the upcoming Soul Train Awards, all eyes are on Keke Palmer, who will be hosting the event. Despite facing personal challenges, Palmer remains resilient, refusing to let her abusive ex hinder her success. Her determination to focus on her career and endorsements, while also advocating for vaccinations, showcases her strength and commitment.

Jungkook’s Collaboration with Justin Timberlake:

The highly anticipated collaboration between Jungkook of BTS and Justin Timberlake has divided fans. Timberlake’s cringe-worthy lyrics and attempts to incorporate Jungkook’s name into a single syllable have been met with mixed reactions. While some appreciate the gesture, others question Timberlake’s motives and relevance. This collaboration highlights the power dynamics between established artists and rising stars.


Celebrity Thanksgiving posts this year provided glimpses into their lives, showcasing unique fashion choices, culinary preferences, and unexpected collaborations. From Jennifer Garner’s unconventional cooking attire to Justin Timberlake’s controversial verse, these posts sparked discussions and debates among fans. While some choices left us puzzled, others inspired admiration. In the end, these posts remind us that celebrities are not immune to the quirks and surprises that come with the holiday season.

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