Panama Central School Teacher Achieves Master Teacher Status

Panama Central School Teacher Achieves Master Teacher Status

Bridget Lyon’s Dedication to Science Education Leads to Recognition as Master Teacher

After a rigorous 10-month process, Bridget Lyon, a fifth and sixth-grade science teacher at Panama Central School, has been awarded the prestigious title of Master Teacher. Lyon’s passion for science and commitment to collaboration drove her to apply for the program, which offers unique opportunities for professional development and networking. Lyon’s journey to becoming a Master Teacher showcases her dedication to lifelong learning and her desire to provide her students with enhanced educational experiences.

Collaboration and Passion for Science Drive Lyon’s Pursuit of Master Teacher Status:

Lyon’s decision to become a Master Teacher was motivated by her love for science and her belief in the power of collaboration. In a small school district like Panama, Lyon recognized the importance of working together with other teachers in the same field to ensure the best possible education for her students. Lyon’s commitment to collaboration extends beyond her classroom, as she actively seeks opportunities to connect with educators and share ideas.

The Journey to Master Teacher Status:

The process of becoming a Master Teacher involved multiple stages and a comprehensive application. Lyon’s application showcased her teaching style, which she describes as versatile and adaptable. Despite her initial nervousness about the Praxis Middle School Science Teacher test, Lyon’s extensive experience and dedication to her students shone through. Lyon’s advocacy for science education and her ability to secure grants for projects like tower gardens in her classroom played a significant role in her selection as a Master Teacher.

Embracing Professional Development as a Master Teacher:

As a Master Teacher, Lyon now attends regular meetings at the Western New York hub at Buffalo State, where she collaborates with other educators from around the state. These meetings provide a platform for sharing best practices and discussing innovative teaching strategies. Lyon also has access to professional development opportunities, including field trips and workshops, which allow her to expand her knowledge and bring new ideas back to her classroom.

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The Impact on Lyon’s Teaching Style and Students:

Lyon’s teaching style is characterized by her ability to adapt and incorporate various approaches. With her background in literacy, Lyon is excited about the opportunity to deepen her science knowledge and better serve her district. Lyon’s collaboration with other Master Teachers enables her to bring new tools and techniques into her classroom, motivating her students and encouraging them to see themselves as lifelong learners.


Bridget Lyon’s achievement as a Master Teacher at Panama Central School is a testament to her dedication to science education and her commitment to collaboration. Lyon’s journey highlights the importance of ongoing professional development and the impact it can have on both teachers and students. As Lyon continues to grow as an educator, her students will undoubtedly benefit from her passion for learning and her determination to provide them with the best possible educational experiences.