I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!: Is the Show Facing Its Demise?

I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!: Is the Show Facing Its Demise?

Nigel Farage’s Lackluster Impact and Animal Welfare Concerns Threaten the Future of the Popular Reality TV Show

This year’s season of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! was expected to be a game-changer with the inclusion of controversial politician Nigel Farage. However, the show’s viewership has taken a significant hit, signaling a potential downfall for the long-running series. Farage’s lack of impact on the show, coupled with mounting concerns over animal welfare, has left the future of I’m a Celebrity hanging in the balance.

Farage’s Failed Impact on the Show

Nigel Farage’s appearance on I’m a Celebrity was intended to generate excitement and controversy, much like previous politicians who participated in the show. However, his presence has failed to captivate viewers, resulting in a significant drop in ratings. The first episode of this season garnered only 7 million viewers, compared to over 9 million in the previous year. This decline, even considering the overall trend of viewers moving away from terrestrial broadcasters, raises questions about the show’s future.

Unlike Matt Hancock’s memorable stint on the show last year, where he dominated the narrative and caused a stir among his fellow campmates, Farage’s impact has been underwhelming. The other contestants have opted for quiet civility, prioritizing harmony over confrontation. Only a few, such as Fred Sirieix and Nella Rose, have directly addressed Farage’s politics, but his evasive nature has made it difficult for them to challenge him effectively. ITV’s investment of £1.5 million in Farage’s appearance has proven to be a regrettable decision.

Calls for Change from Ant and Dec

Even the show’s beloved hosts, Ant and Dec, have acknowledged the need for a change in the show’s formula. In a recent Instagram live session, they openly advocated for a temporary ban on politicians participating in the show. Ant and Dec, who previously used their platform to criticize the Johnson government, now find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having those they once mocked seeking redemption through their show. It is clear that the hosts are eager for a new direction to avoid potential awkward encounters with controversial figures.

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Animal Welfare Concerns Amplified

Alongside the lackluster impact of Farage, I’m a Celebrity faces another significant challenge in the form of animal welfare concerns. Chris Packham’s open letter denouncing the show’s “appalling abuse of animals” has brought renewed attention to a long-standing criticism. The show’s bushtucker trials, which often involve animals coming into direct contact with distressed celebrities, have been a source of discomfort for viewers. The RSPCA has been campaigning to end this practice, citing instances of animals being mishandled and mistreated for the sake of entertainment. Last year, 17,000 people complained to Ofcom about the show’s treatment of animals, and Packham’s letter is likely to increase that number this year.

A Show Stuck in the Past

I’m a Celebrity is increasingly being seen as a relic of early 2000s entertainment, characterized by casual cruelty, confrontational moments, and a disregard for animal safety. The decline in ratings suggests that audiences are growing tired of the show’s formula. In light of these challenges, the show has two options: a complete overhaul by eliminating politicians and addressing animal welfare concerns or accepting that its time has come to an end. No television program can last indefinitely, and I’m a Celebrity may have reached its expiration date. The writing is on the wall, and it may be time to bid farewell to the beloved reality TV show.


The future of I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! hangs in the balance as the show grapples with Nigel Farage’s lackluster impact and growing concerns over animal welfare. Farage’s underwhelming presence and the decline in viewership indicate a potential downfall for the long-running series. Additionally, calls for change from the show’s hosts, Ant and Dec, and amplified concerns over the treatment of animals have further intensified the challenges faced by I’m a Celebrity. The show must decide whether to reinvent itself or accept that its time has come to an end. As tastes change and viewers move on, the fate of I’m a Celebrity hangs in the balance.

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