Amazon Music launches Car Mode with simplified driving controls – Roadshow

Amazon Music Car Mode

Much simpler to navigate.

Sean Szymkowski/Roadshow

Taking Amazon Music along for the ride just became a lot easier, especially for drivers without Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. On Wednesday, the tech and commerce giant announced Amazon Music’s new Car Mode. For iOS and Android users, the Amazon Music app will automatically flip to this new display when it detects an in-car Bluetooth signal.

Essentially, the goal is to fit more critical information on the screen to keep drivers focused on the road and not on their smartphone’s display. Customizable presets provide quick and easy ways to select a playlist, artist or genre, and larger fonts make the selection process a breeze. When focused on a single song, big chunky icons appear to, again, make things simpler while driving. Alexa’s on board, too: Speaking to Amazon’s voice assistant provides touch-free ways to select your music. 

In case you don’t like Car Mode, you’ll notice an icon in the top left of the display that allows you to swap out of the simplified view back to the traditional experience. You can also tweak the automatic shift to Car Mode in your settings menu.

The update is live now for all Amazon Music users, but honestly, the best way remains running the app through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Still, for those without either of those systems, this is a welcome addition.

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