Lotus’ $2.8M supercar is getting super accurate navigation to help rich people find their way

British sports car maker Lotus is adding navigation tech from What3words to give drivers another option to find their way to their destination. It’s starting by putting it in its $2.8 million (£2 million) all-electric supercar, the Evija.

Lotus is integrating What3words’ word-based navigation tool into its app, which will allow drivers to set a 3×3 meter square piece of earth as their destination. The app will then take care of routing and navigation, and the car will display turn-by-turn instructions on their instrument cluster.

I guess super rich people aren’t wealthy because they always know how to get to where they’re going, huh.

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As brilliant as satellite navigation systems are, they aren’t perfect. Sometimes they guide you down roads that no longer exist, or won’t know what’s going on if you travel down new roads. Many will also be aware of how painful it can be navigating to post codes that cover large geographical areas.

What3words however, takes a unique approach to solving these problems. The navigation and mapping app has split the world up into 3×3 meter squares, and then labeled each with a three word name.

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Credit: Wikimedia – CC
The Lotus Evija is no ordinary car. It marks the start of a new era for Lotus. It’s got close to 2,000 hp, 250 miles of range, and is light (for an EV).

This means navigating to the middle of nowhere, with no address, is as easy as putting in the three words, and letting the route planner section of the app do the rest.

While Lotus is putting the tech in its hyper expensive, all-electric supercar, first, it’s also going to bring the functionality to the rest of its vehicles starting from this year.

So it’s not just going to be a toy of the rich, some regular folk might actually get a chance to use this too. And well, if you don’t drive a Lotus, you can always just download the regular What3words app, and pretend.

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