Apple will make Siri and HomePod Mini a bigger part of your home with iOS 15 updates – CNET



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During Apple’s annual¬†WWDC¬† keynote presentation, the Cupertino, California, tech giant announced a slew of new smart home updates — most notably, that voice assistant Siri is now available for developers to use in their third-party products.

In addition, Apple said it’ll begin working with Matter, the device integration standard formerly known as CHIP, starting with iOS 15. Apple has already begun working toward integrating with other brands, such as Google and Amazon, by backing Matter, but this announcement brings us one step closer to seeing those integrations actually materialize.

Another big change: You’ll soon be able to control your smart home devices through your Apple TV, though whether this update will come with iOS 15 or with the next tvOS update remains unclear.

That won’t be the only update for Apple TV; Apple TV 4K devices will also pair with HomePod Minis, using them as stereo speakers. And you’ll be able to use Siri, through the HomePod Mini, to control the Apple TV — for example, pulling up shows or controlling the volume.

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