Android 12: Second beta arrives with privacy features



Are you testing
Android 12

? It’s time to check for an update. Google is releasing the second beta, and it comes with all of the privacy features Google announced when it unveiled Android 12 at Google I/O last month

More specifically, the update will bring Android 12’s Privacy Dashboard that displays how often apps are accessing private information on your phone or tablet. For instance, it will show you which apps are accessing your location in the background, logging the exact minute of each request. 

The new microphone and camera indicators are also included in the second beta. The alerts let you know when an app is using either component, and if you want, you can disable its access in the quick settings panel. There’s also a new notification to let users know when an app is accessing the clipboard. 

One big change is how users will manage their internet connections. The new settings panel, labeled Internet, will show you if you’re connected to W-Fi, including the network name, as well as your cellular connection status and any nearby Wi-Fi networks. 

Google states the change to managing connections is designed to make it easier for users to troubleshoot connectivity issues. 

This is the second of four expected public beta releases. The next two will come out in July and August, with a final release slated for sometime later in the year. 

If you’re using the
Android 12 beta

, let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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