This vintage electric motorcycle is actually… an ebike

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Perhaps you’re like me, and you’re a sucker for the vintage style of the 60s motorbikes, but at the same time you don’t want to buy an actual motorcycle. Because they’re big, scary, and expensive. Well, these are my thoughts at least.

In that case, you might want to check out the Beachman ’64 (as in 1964) which brings you the classic vibe, but is technically and legally an ebike.

Beachman '64 ebike.
Credit: Beachman
Yes, I know! It looks just like a motorcycle.
Beachman '64 ebike.

Manufactured by Toronto-based startup Beachman, the retro two-wheeler is designed to echo the old-school cafe racers, while complying with the Canadian ebike regulations. 

For that reason, its power and speed are limited to 500W and 32km/h. Its hub motor is throttle activated and the pedal drivetrain is separate from the motor, so… if you choose to pedal you won’t get any electrical assistance.

Range-wise the ebike is good for 90km, while its battery takes three hours to reach an 80% charge with a 120V fast charger.

Beachman '64 ebike
Credit: Indiegogo
It features a removable 40-Ah lithium-ion battery.
Beachman '64 ebike

The Beachman ’64 weighs 100kg, which brings it admittedly much closer to motorcycles than to ebikes. Also, unlike ebikes it has room for two and a maximum payload capacity of 159kg.

Beachman '64 ebike
Credit: Beachman
The ebike comes in 4 colors: white, green, blue, and sand.
Beachman '64 ebike

Other notable features include a full steel frame, motorcycle-grade shock absorbers, hydraulic disc brakes, an anti-theft alarm, LED lights, and a handlebar-mounted LCD screen displaying speed, charge level, voltage, and distance. 

The ebike can be currently preordered by Canadian-based consumers via an Indiegogo campaign for $2,552, while retail price is at $3,299. A US rollout is planned for 2023. 

All in all, the Beachman ’64 is neither the best, nor the most potent ebike out there. But is it the most stylishly retro one? And will you look utterly cool riding it? Yes, and yes.

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