D.C. Teen Twins Master the Art of Saving and Spending

D.C. Teen Twins Master the Art of Saving and Spending

Lavinia and Hatcher Pitts become finance whiz kids with the help of a money management app

In a world where saving and spending wisely is a challenge for many adults, two remarkable teenagers from Washington D.C. are setting an example for financial responsibility. Lavinia and Hatcher Pitts, 13-year-old twins, have become experts in saving for big-ticket items, giving to charities, and making wise spending choices. Their journey began when their parents introduced them to a money management app, which not only provided them with a weekly allowance but also taught them valuable money management skills. Their exceptional achievements in financial literacy recently earned them the prestigious “Best of the Best” recognition from the BusyKid money app, designed for children aged 6 to 17 to save, spend, and invest their money.

Learning the Value of Money Management

The Pitts family’s decision to use a money management app stemmed from their desire to teach their children practical skills while ensuring they received their weekly allowance. Lavinia and Hatcher quickly embraced the app, using it to monitor their spending, save for future purchases, and contribute to charitable causes. The twins’ success in mastering the art of saving and spending has not only earned them recognition but has also provided them with valuable life lessons.

Making Informed Purchasing Decisions

One of the key lessons Lavinia and Hatcher have learned is the importance of making informed purchasing decisions. By actively managing their money through the app, they have developed a critical eye when it comes to spending. Lavinia recalls a time when she questioned her own impulse to spend $500 on stuffed animals, realizing that such purchases were unnecessary. Hatcher advises others to only buy what they need or, if it’s something they want, to take time to consider the purchase before making it. These principles have helped the twins avoid impulsive spending and make more thoughtful choices with their money.

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Divergent Approaches to Money Management

Although Lavinia and Hatcher share a passion for financial responsibility, they have distinct approaches to money management. Hatcher is a natural saver, often opting to spend his money on expensive electronics after months of careful saving. In contrast, Lavinia finds joy in giving to charities, particularly those focused on animal welfare and supporting low-income families. She believes that by contributing to charitable causes, she can make a meaningful difference in the world, even at the age of 13. Their differing perspectives demonstrate the versatility of financial literacy and the importance of aligning personal values with spending habits.

Parental Support and Observations

Mary Pitts, the twins’ mother, recognizes the positive impact of the money management app on her children’s financial habits. She sees their journey as a way to equip them with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of the real world. Mary believes that providing a platform for hands-on money management is akin to putting training wheels on a bike, allowing her children to learn and grow. She also highlights the impact her children have had on their peers, sharing a story of Lavinia advising a friend against making an impulsive purchase. Mary’s observations underscore the importance of teaching financial literacy at a young age and the potential ripple effects it can have on others.


Lavinia and Hatcher Pitts have emerged as role models for financial responsibility, proving that age is not a barrier to mastering the art of saving and spending wisely. Through their use of a money management app, these remarkable teenagers have honed their money management skills, avoided impulse purchases, and made meaningful contributions to charities. Their journey serves as a reminder that financial literacy is a crucial life skill that can empower individuals to make informed decisions and create a positive impact. As the holiday season approaches, their insights on responsible spending are particularly timely, reminding us all that discounts do not equate to necessity. The Pitts twins’ achievements stand as a testament to the power of financial education and the potential for young individuals to shape their financial future.

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