Finding Gratitude in the Political Landscape

Finding Gratitude in the Political Landscape

Reflecting on the Unexpected Reasons to Be Thankful in Politics

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in the heated political debates that often dominate family gatherings. But amidst the turmoil and disagreements, it is crucial to take a step back and find gratitude in the political realm. While it may require some effort, acknowledging the positive aspects of politics is essential to maintaining a healthy democracy. In this article, we will explore a few unexpected reasons to be thankful in the world of politics.

Kevin McCarthy’s Surprising Bipartisan Deal

In an unexpected turn of events, one reason to be thankful is the actions of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Despite his controversial tenure, McCarthy’s decision to strike a bipartisan deal to avoid a debt default deserves recognition. While his leadership may have been criticized in the past, he demonstrated courage by prioritizing the stability of the global economy over appeasing his right-wing colleagues. It is important to acknowledge and appreciate such instances of bipartisanship in our political landscape.

Elections as a Check on Reproductive Rights Restrictions

Another reason for gratitude lies in the outcome of recent elections, which delivered a blow to Republican efforts to curtail women’s reproductive rights. This serves as a reminder that public opinion can act as a check on policies that seem punitive and controlling. Rather than solely focusing on restrictive measures, proponents of abortion restrictions should consider advocating for policies that support mothers and children after delivery. By doing so, they can demonstrate a genuine commitment to a culture of life.

The Power of Grassroots Movements

Gratitude can also be found in the power of grassroots movements that have emerged in recent years. From the Women’s March to the Black Lives Matter movement, these collective voices have brought attention to important social issues and sparked meaningful conversations. These movements serve as a reminder that ordinary citizens have the power to effect change and hold those in power accountable. They demonstrate the resilience and determination of the American people in the face of adversity.

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Increased Political Engagement

In an era marked by political polarization, one positive outcome is the increased political engagement among citizens. The past few years have witnessed a surge in voter turnout, particularly among young people. This renewed interest in politics signifies a growing awareness of the importance of civic participation. It is heartening to see individuals taking an active role in shaping the future of their communities and country.

The Freedom of the Press

Lastly, we should be grateful for the freedom of the press, which remains a cornerstone of democracy. Despite challenges and attacks on journalistic integrity, journalists continue to play a vital role in holding those in power accountable and informing the public. Their commitment to truth and transparency is essential in ensuring an informed electorate.


As we gather around the Thanksgiving table, let us not forget to find gratitude in the political landscape. While it may be tempting to focus on the negatives, there are unexpected reasons to be thankful. From instances of bipartisanship to the power of grassroots movements, these aspects remind us of the resilience and potential for positive change in our democracy. By acknowledging and appreciating these moments, we can cultivate a sense of hope and continue to actively engage in shaping the future of our nation.

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