Five Tech Products We Regret Buying: A Subjective Guide to Avoiding Purchase Mistakes

Five Tech Products We Regret Buying: A Subjective Guide to Avoiding Purchase Mistakes

Even journalists can fall prey to the allure of popular tech products that turn out to be disappointing. Here are five examples of regrettable purchases and tips on avoiding similar mistakes.

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it can be challenging to navigate the vast array of products available. Even experts can make regrettable purchases, succumbing to the appeal of what’s popular or too good to be true. In this article, we share five tech products that our colleagues regret buying, offering a subjective guide to help readers avoid similar purchase mistakes. From malfunctioning keyboard trays to underwhelming coffee grinders, these examples demonstrate that even journalists who question everything can be swayed by marketing tactics. By learning from our experiences, readers can make more informed decisions when it comes to their own tech purchases.

1: Two Computer Mice and One Terrible Keyboard Tray

Nitasha Tiku, a colleague, shares her regrettable experience with the Apple Magic Trackpad, a mouse-like computer controller that crowded out her keyboard. She also recounts the disappointment of a balky Kensington Orbit trackball mouse and a keyboard tray that broke three times in three years. These examples highlight the importance of finding products that suit individual needs and avoiding those that are prone to malfunction.

2: The Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

The author discusses their experience with the Baratza Encore coffee grinder, a burr grinder that promised a better cup of coffee. However, they found no discernible difference in taste compared to their previous $20 grinder. This example emphasizes the need to consider personal preferences and the space available in one’s kitchen when investing in coffee-related tech.

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3: The Kindle Fire Tablet

Heather Kelly, a reporter, shares her disappointment with the Kindle Fire tablet, which she purchased for her children due to its affordability compared to iPads. However, she found the device filled with junky apps and the parental control features difficult to use. This serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of researching a product’s features and user reviews before making a purchase.

4: The Sony WF-1000XM5 Wireless Earbuds

Chris Velazco, a gadget expert, expresses his dissatisfaction with the Sony WF-1000XM5 wireless earbuds. Despite their high price tag, he found that none of the foam tips provided a comfortable fit, and using the touch controls felt cumbersome. This example highlights the need to consider compatibility with different devices and personal comfort when choosing wireless headphones.

5: ‘Talking’ Pet Buttons

Andrew Van Dam shares his experience with viral pet technology that promised to enable dogs to “speak” by pressing buttons recorded with specific words. Despite programming the buttons and coaching his dog, Shorty, the Chihuahua mix never figured out how to use them. This cautionary tale reminds readers to manage their expectations when it comes to pet-related tech and consider their pet’s abilities and training.


While tech products can be exciting and promise to enhance our lives, it’s crucial to approach purchases with caution. By learning from the regrettable experiences of journalists and considering individual needs, preferences, and research, readers can avoid making similar purchase mistakes. The key is to find products that align with personal requirements and to resist the allure of what’s popular or heavily marketed. By doing so, readers can make more informed decisions and find tech products that truly enhance their lives.

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