Florida Republican Party Chairman Accused of Rape, Governor Calls for Resignation

Florida Republican Party Chairman Accused of Rape, Governor Calls for Resignation

Allegations against Christian Ziegler create political turmoil and accusations of hypocrisy

The Florida Republican Party is facing a major scandal as its chairman, Christian Ziegler, has been accused of rape. The allegations have prompted Governor Ron DeSantis to call for Ziegler’s resignation, causing a rift within the conservative political landscape of the state. The accusations have also led to accusations of hypocrisy from Democrats and LGBTQ+ activists, given Ziegler’s involvement in conservative causes that oppose LGBTQ+ rights.

1: Police Investigation and Denial

According to police search warrant affidavits obtained by Florida news organizations, a woman who had been friends with Christian Ziegler for 20 years has accused him of raping her in her apartment two months ago. Ziegler, who has been a longtime party activist and took over as chairman in February, denied the allegations during an interview with the police, claiming that the sexual encounter was consensual. However, no criminal charges have been filed against Ziegler, and the investigation by the Sarasota Police remains open.

2: Involvement of Ziegler’s Wife and Political Connections

Christian Ziegler’s wife, Bridget Ziegler, is a co-founder of Moms for Liberty, a prominent conservative group that has aligned itself with the Florida GOP and Governor DeSantis in opposing LGBTQ+ causes. Bridget Ziegler is also an elected member of the Sarasota County school board and was appointed by DeSantis to a board overseeing Walt Disney World’s land development. The involvement of both Zieglers in conservative politics and their opposition to LGBTQ+ rights has led to accusations of hypocrisy from Democrats and LGBTQ+ activists.

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3: Governor DeSantis Calls for Resignation

Governor Ron DeSantis, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, has called for Christian Ziegler’s resignation. While acknowledging that Ziegler is innocent until proven guilty, DeSantis cited the distraction caused by the allegations and stated that the mission of electing Republicans is more important. DeSantis’ call for resignation has further intensified the political turmoil surrounding the case.

4: Support and Criticism

Moms for Liberty, the conservative group co-founded by Bridget Ziegler, posted a message on X (formerly Twitter) expressing support for her and other women fighting for children and America. The group has gained traction nationally and has been successful in promoting social conservatives for school board seats. On the other hand, Nikki Fried, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, called for Christian Ziegler’s resignation and criticized both Zieglers for their alleged hypocrisy. Fried specifically mentioned their opposition to a children’s book about gay penguins as an example.

5: Ongoing Investigation and Media Coverage

The search warrant affidavits, which allowed the police to seize Christian Ziegler’s cellphone and obtain his online communications, were obtained by the Florida Center for Government Accountability, an investigative news organization. The affidavits reveal that the woman accused Ziegler of pushing her into her apartment and raping her. The investigation is ongoing, and no further details have been released to the public.


The rape allegations against Christian Ziegler, the chairman of the Florida Republican Party, have sent shockwaves through the state’s conservative political landscape. Governor Ron DeSantis calling for Ziegler’s resignation has only intensified the turmoil surrounding the case. As the investigation continues, the accusations have raised questions of hypocrisy and accountability within the Republican Party. The outcome of this scandal will undoubtedly have significant implications for both the Florida GOP and the political career of Governor DeSantis.

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