Former President Donald Trump Plans to Visit Argentina to Meet with President-elect Javier Milei

Former President Donald Trump Plans to Visit Argentina to Meet with President-elect Javier Milei

President-elect Milei receives a call from Donald Trump, expressing his intention to travel to Argentina for a meeting, as the two leaders share common ground on economic and political issues.

Former President Donald Trump has reached out to Argentina’s President-elect Javier Milei, expressing his desire to visit the South American country for a meeting. Milei’s office confirmed the conversation and stated that Trump’s call came shortly after Milei spoke with President Joe Biden. The upcoming inauguration of Milei, a right-wing populist who has expressed admiration for Trump, adds significance to this potential meeting. While no specific date has been announced, the visit is expected to take place after Milei assumes office on December 10th.

A Phone Call of Congratulations and Shared Vision

In a news release from Milei’s office, it was revealed that Trump congratulated the President-elect on his victory and highlighted the global impact of his wide-margin win in the recent election. The conversation between the two leaders underscores their shared vision and political alignment. Milei’s victory has been compared to Trump’s own rise to power, and the President-elect has previously expressed admiration for the former U.S. President’s fight against socialism.

Facilitated Contact and International Connections

According to local journalist Luis Majul, Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, played a role in facilitating the contact between Milei and Trump. This connection highlights the international network of right-wing populists and the potential for collaboration among like-minded leaders. Milei acknowledged the facilitation in a social media post, confirming the influence of Bolsonaro’s involvement.

Trump’s Endorsement and Support

Trump publicly celebrated Milei’s victory through a social media post, expressing his pride and confidence in the President-elect’s ability to turn Argentina around and “make Argentina great again.” This endorsement from Trump carries weight, given his own political success and the influence he still wields within the Republican Party. Milei’s alignment with Trump’s policies and rhetoric resonates with his supporters, who see him as a strong advocate against socialism and statist ideologies.

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Biden’s Call and Shared Priorities

President Joe Biden also reached out to Milei, congratulating him on his election victory. The White House emphasized the strong relationship between the United States and Argentina, particularly in the areas of economic cooperation, regional collaboration, and shared priorities such as human rights, food security, and clean energy. While Milei’s political stance differs from Biden’s, the call signifies the importance of maintaining diplomatic ties and finding common ground on key issues.


Former President Donald Trump’s intention to visit Argentina and meet with President-elect Javier Milei underscores the global significance of their shared political vision. Milei’s victory as a right-wing populist has drawn comparisons to Trump’s own rise to power, and his admiration for Trump’s fight against socialism further strengthens the bond between the two leaders. As Milei prepares to assume office, his meeting with Trump has the potential to shape Argentina’s future political landscape and deepen international connections. Meanwhile, President Biden’s call to Milei highlights the importance of maintaining diplomatic relations, even with leaders who hold differing political ideologies. The convergence of these political forces sets the stage for an intriguing and potentially transformative meeting between Trump and Milei in Buenos Aires.