Former President Trump Attends Rivalry Football Game in South Carolina

Former President Trump Attends Rivalry Football Game in South Carolina

Trump makes an appearance at the Palmetto Bowl as he campaigns in the key early-nominating state ahead of the Republican presidential primary.

Former President Donald Trump made a highly anticipated appearance at the Palmetto Bowl, an annual football game between the University of South Carolina and Clemson University. As he campaigns in South Carolina, a crucial early-nominating state for the Republican presidential primary, Trump attended the game alongside Governor Henry McMaster, a Trump endorser. The former president’s attendance at the Palmetto Bowl highlights his popularity in the state and his efforts to secure support for his potential 2024 presidential run.

Trump’s Presence at the Palmetto Bowl:

Trump watched the game from a box and took to the field during halftime, accompanied by Governor McMaster. Standing on the 50-yard line, Trump waved to the crowd, receiving both cheers and boos. Senator Lindsey Graham, another prominent South Carolina Republican and Trump supporter, was also in attendance. The former president’s appearance at the Palmetto Bowl underscores his strong position as the front-runner for the GOP nomination in South Carolina.

South Carolina’s Importance in the Republican Primary:

South Carolina holds significant importance in the Republican nominating calendar, with its primary scheduled for February 24, 2024, following the contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. The state played a crucial role in Trump’s path to securing the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, as his victory in the South Carolina primary propelled his campaign forward. Trump’s frequent visits to the state this year demonstrate his recognition of its significance and his commitment to securing support from South Carolina Republicans.

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Support from South Carolina Republicans:

Trump enjoys widespread support from top South Carolina Republicans, including Governor McMaster, Senator Graham, Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette, and US Representatives Joe Wilson, William Timmons, and Russell Fry. This strong backing from influential figures in the state further solidifies Trump’s position as the leading candidate in South Carolina.

Trump’s Criticism of Hostage Deal:

Prior to attending the Palmetto Bowl, Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to criticize the recent hostage deal reached between Israel and Hamas. He expressed frustration that no Americans had been released as part of the deal, citing a lack of respect for the United States and its leadership. While the White House remains hopeful that American citizens will be included in the negotiated hostage release, Trump’s comments highlight his unwavering stance on national security and his commitment to protecting American interests.


Former President Donald Trump’s attendance at the Palmetto Bowl in South Carolina showcases his popularity and influence in the state as he campaigns for the Republican presidential primary. With strong support from prominent South Carolina Republicans, Trump remains the front-runner in the state, according to recent polls. As he continues his campaign efforts, Trump’s presence at the Palmetto Bowl and his criticism of the hostage deal demonstrate his commitment to national security and his unwavering stance on protecting American interests. South Carolina’s upcoming primary holds significant importance for the Republican nomination, and Trump’s strategic focus on the state positions him as a formidable contender in the 2024 presidential race.

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