Google Grants $65,000 to Support Oklahoma Accelerator Programs for Female Entrepreneurs

Google Grants $65,000 to Support Oklahoma Accelerator Programs for Female Entrepreneurs

StitchCrew, an Oklahoma-based accelerator, receives funding to empower women entrepreneurs and address barriers to business growth.

Google has awarded a grant of $65,000 to StitchCrew, an Oklahoma-based accelerator program that focuses on supporting traditionally overlooked entrepreneurs in the region. The funding will be used to develop public-private partnerships and provide resources for female entrepreneurs to build and scale their businesses. This grant is part of Google’s commitment to empowering women and fostering a more inclusive and equitable economy. StitchCrew Founder Erika Lewis expressed gratitude for Google’s support in overcoming the challenges faced by women and BIPOC entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses.

Cherokee Women Entrepreneurs Accelerator

One of the initiatives supported by the grant is the Cherokee Women Entrepreneurs Accelerator. This program is a collaboration between the Cherokee Nation and the University of Tulsa. It aims to address the unique challenges faced by Cherokee women in the entrepreneurial landscape. The Cherokee Nation brings its cultural heritage and commitment to supporting its citizens, while the University of Tulsa provides expertise in entrepreneurship education and ecosystem development. By combining these resources, the program aims to empower Cherokee women to succeed in building and growing their businesses.

Latino Accelerator Program

Another program supported by the grant is the Latino Accelerator Program, run in partnership with The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City. This program provides a learning platform for the next generation of Latino-owned businesses in Oklahoma City. The goal is to help these businesses develop a path to grow their revenue to one million dollars. StitchCrew connects entrepreneurs with business experts who guide them in building scalable business models and increasing revenue. By providing resources and mentorship, this program aims to foster the growth and success of Latino-owned businesses in the region.

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Accelerator Program for Women-led Companies

The grant will also fund the creation of an accelerator program specifically for women-led companies. This program aims to support companies that are building tools, products, and services that benefit women and working families. Additionally, it aims to support inclusive employers who actively promote participation in the labor force. By providing resources and guidance, this program seeks to empower women entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions that address the needs of women and working families.

VEST Peer Network

As part of the grant, up to 20 women entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to join VEST, a peer network of professional women. VEST provides executive coaching and mentorship, allowing women entrepreneurs to connect with and learn from experienced professionals in their field. This network offers a supportive community where women can share insights, seek advice, and receive guidance to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. By providing access to this network, the grant aims to foster collaboration and empowerment among women entrepreneurs.


Google’s grant of $65,000 to StitchCrew will support various initiatives aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs and overcoming barriers to business growth. By partnering with organizations such as the Cherokee Nation and the University of Tulsa, StitchCrew is able to provide resources, mentorship, and learning platforms tailored to the needs of different communities. This grant is an important step towards closing the gender gap in startup funding and fostering a more inclusive and accessible economy. Through these programs, women entrepreneurs in Oklahoma will have the opportunity to thrive and contribute to the growth and innovation of the region’s business landscape.

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