Michaela Coel to Receive Pandora Leader of Change Award at The Fashion Awards 2023

Michaela Coel to Receive Pandora Leader of Change Award at The Fashion Awards 2023

The British-Ghanaian writer, actor, and director is recognized for her groundbreaking work that challenges societal norms and centers around the female perspective.

Michaela Coel, the talented British-Ghanaian creative force behind acclaimed television series such as Chewing Gum and I May Destroy You, is set to be honored with the prestigious Pandora Leader of Change Award at The Fashion Awards 2023. This latest accolade recognizes Coel’s exceptional screenwriting, acting, and filmmaking, which consistently challenge the status quo and wholeheartedly center around the female perspective and experience. The award celebrates her unwavering commitment to championing female empowerment and authentic representation in the entertainment industry.

A Trailblazer in the Industry (


From the very beginning of her career, Michaela Coel has been a trailblazer, fearlessly pushing boundaries and defying conventions. Her work tackles sensitive and often overlooked themes such as race, class, and gender, while telling authentic and complex stories of Black women and queer identities. Coel’s unique ability to shed light on these subjects with nuance and empathy has earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated following.

Coel’s Impact on Female Empowerment (


The Pandora Leader of Change Award recognizes Coel’s significant impact on female empowerment within the entertainment industry. Through her work, she has consistently challenged the male-dominated narrative and created space for women to tell their own stories. Coel’s characters are multi-dimensional, flawed, and unapologetically real, offering a refreshing and much-needed representation of women on screen.

In addition to her on-screen contributions, Coel has actively used her platform to advocate for gender equality and inclusivity. Her outspokenness and commitment to amplifying marginalized voices have made her a role model for aspiring creatives, inspiring them to break barriers and challenge the status quo.

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The Pandora Leader of Change Award (


The Pandora Leader of Change Award, presented by the British Fashion Council, recognizes individuals who have made a significant impact in their field and have used their influence to drive positive change. Coel’s body of work perfectly aligns with the principles of this award, as she consistently challenges societal norms and sheds light on underrepresented voices.

The award will be presented to Coel by renowned actor and global Pandora ambassador, Pamela Anderson, during The Fashion Awards 2023 ceremony at The Royal Albert Hall on December 4. This recognition not only celebrates Coel’s achievements but also serves as a testament to the power of storytelling and the importance of diverse and authentic representation in the entertainment industry.

Conclusion: Michaela Coel’s upcoming receipt of the Pandora Leader of Change Award at The Fashion Awards 2023 is a testament to her extraordinary talent and unwavering commitment to challenging the status quo. Through her groundbreaking work, Coel has become a leading voice in the industry, advocating for female empowerment, authentic representation, and the amplification of marginalized voices. As she continues to break barriers and inspire others, Coel’s influence on the entertainment industry will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy.