Smash and Grab Thieves Target Juice It Up! Franchise in Inland Empire

Smash and Grab Thieves Target Juice It Up! Franchise in Inland Empire

Multiple businesses, including popular smoothie shops, fall victim to a string of burglaries in San Bernardino County.

A recent surge in smash and grab burglaries has left business owners in the Inland Empire region of Southern California on high alert. Among the hardest-hit are the Juice It Up! smoothie shops, part of a popular franchise. The thieves have been targeting multiple businesses, leaving a trail of shattered glass and stolen cash in their wake.

The Modus Operandi

Surveillance footage captured two burglars using a rock to smash the front door of a Juice It Up! store in Yucaipa. This incident is just one of many that have occurred across Southern California, from Santa Clarita to the Inland Empire. In most cases, the burglars break the front door, gaining access to the store and making off with whatever cash they can find. However, the damage caused far exceeds the stolen amount, with costly repairs and broken equipment leaving business owners in a financial bind.

A Familiar Pattern

Kevin Reardon, a field consultant for Juice It Up!, believes that the burglaries are the work of the same crew. The thieves have not only targeted Juice It Up! stores but also neighboring businesses, often breaking into the adjacent premises and tunneling through walls to gain access. The pattern of their crimes suggests a well-organized operation, with multiple stores hit in a single night.

Affecting Small Family Businesses

The impact of these burglaries extends far beyond financial losses. Kelsey Norton, who recently took over ownership of a Juice It Up! store, expressed her frustration and anger at being targeted. She emphasized that these businesses are not faceless corporations but rather local families trying to make a living. The emotional toll and financial strain caused by the break-ins are significant, leaving small business owners grappling with the aftermath.

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The Cost of Repairs

The cost of repairs following these burglaries is substantial. The thieves often cause extensive damage to the stores, breaking point-of-sale systems and other equipment vital for daily operations. What the burglars gain in stolen cash is minuscule compared to the thousands of dollars in damages inflicted upon the businesses. The owners are left to foot the bill, further exacerbating the financial burden they face.

Pleas for Information

Law enforcement agencies are urging the public to come forward with any information regarding these burglaries. The surveillance videos show at least two to three individuals committing the crimes, and authorities believe that public cooperation is crucial in apprehending the culprits. The local community is being called upon to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities that may aid in the investigation.


The recent wave of smash and grab burglaries targeting Juice It Up! stores and other businesses in the Inland Empire has left a trail of shattered glass, broken dreams, and financial hardship. The impact on small family-owned businesses cannot be understated, with repairs costing thousands of dollars and stolen cash barely making a dent in the losses. As law enforcement agencies continue their efforts to apprehend the perpetrators, the community remains on edge, hoping for an end to this spree of criminal activity.