Stockholm Fashion Week Redefines the Industry: The Rising Stars to Watch

Stockholm Fashion Week Redefines the Industry: The Rising Stars to Watch

SFC [Fashion X] revolutionizes the fashion week model, showcasing innovative and immersive events that challenge the traditional runway format.

In a world where fashion is moving at an increasingly frenetic pace, Stockholm Fashion Week has taken a bold step to slow things down. Relaunching as SFC [Fashion X], the Swedish Fashion Council has reimagined the fashion week model, offering a week-long program filled with engaging and imaginative events. This innovative approach has allowed attendees to experience fashion in new and exciting ways, breaking away from the traditional runway shows. As the dust settles on this year’s edition, we highlight some of the rising stars from the Stockholm fashion scene who showcased their talent during the event.

AVAVAV: Challenging Fast Fashion with Playful Innovation
Beate Karlsson’s AVAVAV brand has gained attention for its sustainable focus and unique designs. The rising designer incorporates salvaged offcuts from renowned fashion houses, creating collections that make a powerful statement. Karlsson’s previous shows have featured clothes that fall off models halfway down the runway, highlighting the flaws of fast fashion. Her debut show during the SS24 season in Milan left attendees grinning with its imaginative response to the industry’s fast-paced nature.

HODAKOVA: Turning Everyday Objects into Wearable Art
Ellen Hodakova Larsson, the creative force behind HODAKOVA, has gained recognition for her salvaged approach to fashion. Larsson transforms everyday objects, such as silver spoons and forks, into couture pieces that resemble modern suits of armor. Constructed entirely by hand, her designs blur the line between fashion and art. Her shows, reminiscent of the fashion happenings of the ’90s, create a sensory overload, captivating audiences with their unique aesthetic.

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RAVE REVIEW: Repurposing Materials for Eclectic Designs
Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück of Rave Review have made a name for themselves with their repurposing and reimagining of salvaged materials. Known for their wildly clashing prints, their SS24 collection showcased a more restrained aesthetic, featuring delicate embroidered flowers on white garments made from old-fashioned table linen. Rave Review’s ability to create eclectic and vibrant designs has earned them rave reviews within the fashion industry.

TUTTOLENTE: A Fashion Brand with a Creative Twist
Tuttolente, founded in 2019, defies traditional fashion brand boundaries. Not only does it offer a range of clothing items, but it also operates as an underground record label and hosts events. Known for its limited drops and exclusive releases, Tuttolente has garnered a devoted following within Stockholm’s streetwear scene. The label made its official runway debut at SFC [Fashion X], showcasing a collection of tracksuits, jeans, and rhinestone-encrusted belts. The runway show was accompanied by a live performance from rapper DR and airbrushed looks by artist Alma Corbic.


Stockholm Fashion Week’s transformation into SFC [Fashion X] has breathed new life into the industry, challenging the traditional runway format and offering immersive and engaging events. The rising stars from the Stockholm fashion scene showcased their talent during this innovative fashion week, pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to be a fashion designer in today’s fast-paced world. AVAVAV, HODAKOVA, Rave Review, and Tuttolente are just a few of the names to watch as they continue to make waves in the fashion industry with their unique and creative approaches.

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