“The Crown” Reveals Recreation of Kate Middleton’s Infamous See-Through Dress

"The Crown" Reveals Recreation of Kate Middleton's Infamous See-Through Dress

Netflix offers a sneak peek into the iconic fashion moment that caught Prince William’s eye

“The Crown,” the popular Netflix series chronicling the lives of the British royal family, has provided fans with a first glimpse of its recreation of Kate Middleton’s famous see-through dress. Worn by the future Duchess of Cambridge during a charity fashion show in 2002, the dress is said to have caught the attention of Prince William, marking a pivotal moment in their love story. As anticipation builds for the release of “The Crown” Season 6 part 2, Netflix has shared a photo of actress Meg Bellamy donning the iconic dress, providing a tantalizing glimpse into this significant event.

The Infamous Dress:

Kate Middleton, then a first-year student at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland, took to the runway in a daring student-designed sheer dress. Paired with a turquoise-and-black tube top and black bottoms, the dress made a bold statement. Little did Middleton know that her fashion choice would play a role in the blossoming romance between her and Prince William, who happened to be sitting in the front row. The dress, created by fellow student Charlotte Todd, was part of an assignment on the theme of “The Art of Seduction.”

A Chance Encounter:

In a surprising twist, Todd revealed that she had no knowledge of Middleton’s identity when she designed the dress. “I didn’t know who Kate Middleton was, and I didn’t put her in it. It was just pure chance!” Todd exclaimed in a 2020 interview with People magazine. The fashion show and Middleton’s appearance in the see-through dress have since become legendary moments in their royal love story, forever etching Todd’s name in royal history.

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Evolution of Style:

Following her marriage to Prince William in 2011, Kate Middleton’s style underwent a transformation. Gone were the daring and revealing outfits, replaced by more sophisticated and conservative ensembles. The future Duchess of Cambridge became known for her stunning dresses and her ability to mix high-end designer pieces with accessible high street fashion. However, in recent years, Middleton has embraced a new style—power suits. As she establishes herself in her role as Princess of Wales, her choice of trouser suits symbolizes her professional approach to her position within the royal family.


“The Crown” Season 6 part 2 promises to capture the essence of Kate Middleton’s iconic see-through dress moment, offering viewers a glimpse into the early stages of her relationship with Prince William. As the series delves into the lives of the British royal family, it serves as a reminder of the power of fashion and how a single garment can shape history. From a chance encounter on a university runway to the future queen consort, Middleton’s journey is a testament to the enduring allure of the monarchy and the role fashion plays in their story.