The Crown Series 6: Recreating Kate Middleton’s Iconic Catwalk Moment

The Crown Series 6: Recreating Kate Middleton's Iconic Catwalk Moment

The final season of Netflix’s hit series, The Crown, showcases the pivotal moment in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship as they meet at university.

More than two decades after Kate Middleton caught the eye of Prince William on a university catwalk, the final season of The Crown brings their love story to life. In a first-look teaser, 21-year-old actress Meg Bellamy, plucked from obscurity, recreates Kate’s iconic catwalk appearance that first turned Prince William’s head. The scene captures the moment that sparked their romance and set the stage for their future as the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The Turning Point in Their Relationship

The catwalk show at St Andrew’s Bay Hotel in 2002 was a turning point in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship. William, who paid £200 for a front-row ticket, was captivated by Kate’s beauty and reportedly turned to a friend, exclaiming, “Wow, Kate’s hot.” This moment marked the transition from close friends to romantic partners, leading to their enduring love story.

Kate’s Iconic Dress

The dress Kate wore on the catwalk, a Charlotte Todd-designed strapless dress with turquoise trim, became one of her best-known fashion moments. Following the show, the dress sold for an astonishing £78,000 at auction. The recreation of this iconic dress in The Crown series 6 pays homage to Kate’s fashion influence and the significance of that moment in her relationship with Prince William.

University Days and Shared Interests

Prince William and Kate Middleton met at St Andrew’s University, where they were both studying. Kate was working towards an art history degree, while William had initially enrolled in history of art before switching to geography. As they spent more time together, they discovered common interests and enjoyed each other’s company, laying the foundation for their future as a couple.

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A Royal Love Story

The final season of The Crown delves into the love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton during their university days. As the young royals navigate the challenges of worldwide fame and public opinion, the series captures the essence of their relationship. It showcases their growth as individuals and as a couple, highlighting the unique pressures they faced as members of the royal family.

Tender Moments and Estrangement

Amid the real-life rift between Prince William and Prince Harry, The Crown series 6 depicts tender moments between the brothers. The show explores their bond and the complexities of their relationship. One scene shows a young William and Harry sharing a drink and a laugh together, emphasizing the poignancy of their current estrangement.

The Final Installment

The final six episodes of The Crown, set to be released on Netflix on December 14, focus on the young royals and their experiences. The series explores Prince William’s integration into life at Eton following his mother’s death, as the monarchy grapples with public opinion. It also recreates significant royal events, such as Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee and Charles and Camilla’s wedding.

Meg Bellamy’s Rising Star

Meg Bellamy, the 21-year-old actress chosen to portray Kate Middleton in The Crown series 6, has become a rising star in the acting world. Since landing the role, she has garnered attention from prestigious fashion houses and designers, attending events like Paris Fashion Week and making red carpet appearances in show-stopping outfits. Meg’s own style is distinct from Kate’s, as she opts for sleek black outfits with occasional pops of color.

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Conclusion: The Crown series 6 brings to life the pivotal moment in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship, showcasing their love story and the challenges they faced as young royals. With the recreation of Kate’s iconic catwalk moment and the depiction of their university days, the final season offers a captivating glimpse into their journey towards becoming the future King and Queen of England. As viewers eagerly await the release of the remaining episodes, they will be immersed in a world where fact and fiction intertwine to create a compelling narrative of love, duty, and royalty.