The Tech Friend’s Guide: 5 Tech Purchases You Should Avoid

The Tech Friend's Guide: 5 Tech Purchases You Should Avoid

From faulty keyboard trays to disappointing wireless earbuds, learn from our mistakes and avoid these regrettable tech purchases.

In a world filled with endless options and persuasive marketing, it’s easy to fall prey to the allure of new tech products. However, even seasoned journalists can make regrettable purchases. In this guide, we share our own experiences and offer advice on avoiding tech products that may not live up to the hype. From broken keyboard trays to underwhelming wireless headphones, our stories serve as cautionary tales for tech enthusiasts everywhere.

Two computer mice and one terrible keyboard tray

Nitasha Tiku, a journalist, recounts her experience with the Apple Magic Trackpad, a mouse-like computer controller that ended up crowding out her keyboard. She also shares her disappointment with the Kensington Orbit trackball mouse, which failed to alleviate wrist pain. Nitasha’s keyboard tray woes further highlight the importance of investing in durable accessories.

The Baratza Encore coffee grinder

While burr grinders are often praised for their ability to produce a superior cup of coffee, not everyone can discern the difference. The author shares their personal experience with the $150 Baratza Encore grinder, concluding that it wasn’t worth the investment, both in terms of taste and counter space.

The Kindle Fire tablet

Heather Kelly, a reporter, recounts her decision to purchase Kindle Fire tablets for her children due to their affordability. However, she soon discovered that the tablet’s abundance of low-quality apps and challenging parental control features made it a regrettable choice. Heather now swears by her Kindle Paperwhite, which serves its purpose without unnecessary distractions.

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The Sony WF-1000XM5 wireless earbuds

Chris Velazco, a gadget expert, expresses his dissatisfaction with the Sony WF-1000XM5 wireless earbuds, citing issues with fit and touch controls. Despite their high price tag, Chris found that the headphones didn’t live up to his expectations. He continues his search for wireless headphones that work seamlessly with both iPhones and Android phones.

‘Talking’ pet buttons

Andrew Van Dam, another journalist, fell for the viral trend of pet buttons that claim to enable dogs to communicate by pressing recorded buttons. However, his dog, Shorty, failed to grasp the concept, leaving the buttons collecting dust and serving as a reminder of his training shortcomings. Andrew humorously blames the technology for his dog’s lack of button-pressing skills.


While tech products promise to enhance our lives, it’s crucial to approach purchases with caution. Our experiences serve as reminders that popularity and marketing hype don’t always equate to a good fit for individual needs. By being mindful of internet-famous products, avoiding purchases that promise to transform us, considering used or borrowed options, and seeking out reviews and recommendations, we can make more informed decisions and avoid regrettable tech purchases. Remember, tech may not always be your friend, but learning from the mistakes of others can be.

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