Disney’s ‘Wish’ Conjures Up Familiar Dreams

Disney's 'Wish' Conjures Up Familiar Dreams

A Review of Disney’s Latest Animated Musical Fantasy

In the enchanting world of Disney, dreams have always played a central role. From Cinderella’s wish to attend the royal ball to Aladdin’s desire to explore a whole new world, the power of dreams has captivated audiences for decades. Disney’s latest animated movie, “Wish,” takes this concept to new heights, exploring what happens when dreams are entrusted to a charismatic yet dubious leader. With a star-studded cast, catchy songs, and the trademark Disney magic, “Wish” promises to be a captivating journey into the realm of wishes and their consequences.

A Tale of Idealism and Selfishness

In “Wish,” Ariana DeBose takes on the role of an idealist, whose dreams collide with the selfishness of Chris Pine’s character, the King. Their clash sets the stage for a compelling narrative that delves into the complexities of ambition and the consequences of unchecked power. As the story unfolds, viewers are invited to reflect on the importance of pursuing dreams while remaining mindful of the impact they may have on others.

The Disney Blueprint: Catchy Songs and Cute Talking Animals

True to the Disney tradition, “Wish” features a collection of catchy songs that are sure to leave audiences humming long after the credits roll. From heartwarming ballads to energetic showstoppers, the film’s musical numbers add depth and emotion to the story. Additionally, the inclusion of cute talking animals, another Disney staple, brings a touch of whimsy and charm to the narrative, appealing to both young and old alike.

Heartfelt Moments and Emotional Resonance

While “Wish” follows the familiar Disney blueprint, it also manages to carve out its own unique identity through its heartfelt moments. The film explores themes of friendship, sacrifice, and the power of redemption, creating emotional resonance that tugs at the heartstrings. As the characters navigate their own personal journeys, audiences are reminded of the universal human experiences that bind us all together.

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Ariana DeBose Shines as the Idealistic Protagonist

Ariana DeBose’s portrayal of the idealistic protagonist is a standout performance in “Wish.” Her ability to convey both vulnerability and determination adds depth to the character, allowing viewers to connect with her journey on a profound level. DeBose’s captivating presence on screen serves as a reminder of the talent and diversity that Disney continues to champion in its storytelling.

The Power of Dreams and the Dangers of Blind Trust

At its core, “Wish” is a cautionary tale about the power of dreams and the dangers of blindly trusting those who promise to fulfill them. Through its captivating narrative, the film encourages viewers to question authority, challenge the status quo, and consider the consequences of their own desires. It serves as a timely reminder that dreams, while powerful and transformative, must be pursued with caution and a critical eye.


Disney’s “Wish” is a delightful addition to the studio’s animated repertoire, offering a captivating exploration of dreams, ambition, and the complexities of human nature. With its catchy songs, endearing characters, and heartfelt moments, the film is sure to enchant audiences of all ages. “Wish” serves as a reminder that dreams, while beautiful and inspiring, must be pursued with a sense of responsibility and an awareness of the potential consequences. As viewers embark on this magical journey, they are encouraged to reflect on their own dreams and the impact they may have on the world around them.