Embry-Riddle TREP Expo Showcases Student Innovations in Aviation, Aerospace, and Entrepreneurship

Embry-Riddle TREP Expo Showcases Student Innovations in Aviation, Aerospace, and Entrepreneurship

Limitless Aeronautics Wins Veteran Entrepreneurs Award for Micro UAV Swarm System

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s annual TREP Expo celebrated its ninth year by showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas of its students. The event, sponsored by the university’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the David B. O’Maley College of Business, provided a platform for student-led startups to present their concepts and compete for cash prizes. This year’s expo featured a diverse range of projects, including a micro uncrewed air vehicle (UAV) swarm system, a self-regulating compost bin, a mixed-reality gaming experience, a space technology repurposed heart monitor, and an app for virtual online shopping.

Limitless Aeronautics Takes Home the Veteran Entrepreneurs Award

Limitless Aeronautics, a student-founded company, emerged as the winner of the Veteran Entrepreneurs Award at the TREP Expo. Led by Alexander Gardner, a junior Aerospace Engineering student, the company developed a micro UAV swarm system. Gardner mentioned that the system is designed for rapid adaptation and can be utilized by various sectors, including the military, medical and emergency services, and law enforcement agencies. The $1,500 award presented to Limitless Aeronautics was the second prize the company won in two days, following their victory at the Volusia County Innovation Challenge.

Veritech’s Autonomous Compost Bin Wins Aviation, Aerospace, and Engineering Award

Megan Robards, a Mechanical Engineering major, secured the Aviation, Aerospace, and Engineering Award for her project, Veritech. Robards’ self-regulating autonomous compost bin aims to reduce food waste. Inspired by her experience in a Future Farmers of America club, Robards used her robotics expertise to create a more efficient solution for compost production. She plans to market her invention to schools and cities, leveraging the valuable feedback and ideas she received at the expo.

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Inter-Reality Combat Sports Wins Global Products and Services Award

Inter-Reality Combat Sports, a team of three Engineering students, claimed the Global Products and Services Award for their mixed-reality gaming experience. Combining video gaming and paintball, the team aims to bring virtual gaming to life by overlaying virtual elements onto physical reality. Reed Curry, a Mechanical Engineering major, and Alexander Emmolo, an Aerospace Engineering major, conceived the idea during their freshman year. Their vision involves organizing physical tournaments where competitors wear VR headsets and engage in battles in indoor courses. The team plans to establish leagues across different colleges.

Pulse Guard Connect Receives Space Technology Repurposed Award

Pulse Guard Connect, a team consisting of an Aviation Business Administration student, a Uncrewed Aircraft Systems student, and a Communication student, won the Space Technology Repurposed Award for their heart monitoring device. Utilizing NASA technology, their device captures more data than traditional portable Electrocardiogram (EKG) machines by employing 12 leads instead of one. The team’s motivation stems from personal experiences with heart issues, emphasizing the potential for early detection and improved treatment.

BestFits Wins People’s Choice Award for Virtual Online Shopping App

BestFits, an app developed by a team of three Business students, secured the People’s Choice Award. The app aims to enhance the online shopping experience by creating a virtual version of the shopper’s physique. Using AI technology, the app generates an avatar based on the customer’s body image, allowing them to “try on” clothes virtually. The team envisions reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction by enabling shoppers to determine if the clothes will suit their appearance.

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The TREP Expo at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University showcased the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of its students. From Limitless Aeronautics’ micro UAV swarm system to Veritech’s autonomous compost bin, these innovative projects demonstrate the students’ commitment to addressing real-world challenges. The event provided a platform for students to present their concepts, receive valuable feedback, and compete for cash prizes. As the university continues to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, the TREP Expo serves as a testament to the power of investing in emerging talents and empowering the next generation of innovators.