Jezebel Finds New Home: Paste Magazine Acquires Feminist News Site

Jezebel Finds New Home: Paste Magazine Acquires Feminist News Site

Atlanta-based entertainment and culture publication, Paste Magazine, announces the acquisition of Jezebel, a renowned feminist news and opinion site, with plans to revive its distinctive voice.

In a surprising turn of events, Paste Magazine has acquired Jezebel, the popular feminist news and opinion site that was recently shuttered by its former owner, G/O Media. The acquisition marks a significant step for Paste Magazine in expanding its reach and diversifying its content. With a commitment to preserving Jezebel’s editorial independence and unique voice, Paste Magazine aims to bring the beloved site back to life.

The Revival of Jezebel:

Jezebel, known for its fearless and female-empowering content, has found a new home under the ownership of Paste Magazine. While the terms of the sale remain undisclosed, Paste Magazine has acquired the Jezebel brand and its extensive archive of content. The publication plans to revive Jezebel with a “soft launch” this week, featuring new content written by Paste’s writers. The goal is to quickly restore Jezebel’s presence before hiring an editor-in-chief and additional staff members.

A Commitment to Editorial Independence:

Josh Jackson, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Paste Magazine, assures readers that the publication is dedicated to preserving Jezebel’s editorial independence. The distinctive voice that made Jezebel a force in feminist journalism will remain intact. Jackson emphasizes that the staff at Paste Magazine are all Jezebel fans, further indicating their commitment to maintaining the site’s unique perspective.

The Importance of Jezebel’s Return:

The acquisition of Jezebel by Paste Magazine is seen as a significant development in the media landscape. Jezebel’s critical information and content, which readers have come to rely on, will now have a new home. The revival of Jezebel ensures that its unique voice and commitment to storytelling will continue to contribute to the broader conversation on feminism, culture, and politics.

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Expansion of Paste Magazine’s Portfolio:

Alongside Jezebel, Paste Magazine has also acquired Splinter, a politics site that was shut down in 2019. The publication plans to relaunch Splinter ahead of the 2024 U.S. presidential election. This expansion of Paste Magazine’s portfolio demonstrates the company’s ambition to offer a diverse range of content and to provide a platform for important discussions on politics and social issues.

The Journey of Jezebel:

Originally launched in 2007 by Gawker Media, Jezebel quickly gained prominence for its coverage of sex, celebrity, and politics. After Gawker Media faced legal challenges and subsequent bankruptcy, Jezebel and other sites were sold to Univision before eventually being acquired by G/O Media. The recent closure of Jezebel by G/O Media left a void in the feminist media landscape, which Paste Magazine aims to fill.


The resurrection of Jezebel under the ownership of Paste Magazine is a testament to the enduring impact and importance of feminist journalism. With a commitment to preserving Jezebel’s editorial independence and unique voice, Paste Magazine is set to breathe new life into the beloved site. The acquisition not only ensures that Jezebel’s critical content will continue to be available but also expands Paste Magazine’s portfolio, allowing for a more robust and diverse range of cultural and political coverage. As Jezebel returns to the forefront of feminist discourse, readers can anticipate an exciting new chapter in the site’s storied history.