Jezebel Finds New Life Under Paste Magazine’s Ownership

Jezebel Finds New Life Under Paste Magazine's Ownership

Paste Magazine acquires Jezebel, a feminist news and opinion site, to preserve its distinctive voice and empower female readers.

In a surprising turn of events, Jezebel, the renowned feminist news and opinion site, is set to make a comeback under the ownership of Paste Magazine. After the former owner, G/O Media, announced its closure and laid off the staff, Paste Magazine stepped in to acquire Jezebel and breathe new life into the publication. With a commitment to preserving Jezebel’s editorial independence and empowering its readers, Paste Magazine aims to revitalize the site and continue its legacy of fearless storytelling.

A Strategic Acquisition by Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine, an Atlanta-based entertainment and culture publication, has acquired Jezebel, a site known for its fearless and female-empowering content. While the terms of the sale remain undisclosed, Paste Magazine has acquired the Jezebel brand and its extensive archive of content. This strategic acquisition marks a significant step for Paste Magazine in expanding its reach and diversifying its offerings.

A Commitment to Jezebel’s Editorial Independence

Josh Jackson, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Paste Magazine, expressed his commitment to preserving Jezebel’s distinctive voice and editorial independence. Although none of the former Jezebel employees are currently on board, Jackson has been in discussions with them about returning to the publication. The acquisition by Paste Magazine aims to revive Jezebel quickly, with a soft launch featuring new content written by Paste’s writers. The ultimate goal is to hire an editor-in-chief and assemble a dedicated team to continue Jezebel’s legacy.

Jezebel’s Resurgence in the Paste Magazine Family

Paste Magazine is honored to bring Jezebel back to life and welcomes the site into its portfolio. The acquisition ensures that Jezebel readers can continue to rely on the critical information and content that the site has consistently delivered. Jezebel’s unique voice and commitment to storytelling make it a perfect addition to the Paste Magazine family, which covers a wide range of culture and lifestyle topics.

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Expansion of Paste Magazine’s Influence

In addition to Jezebel, Paste Magazine also acquired Splinter, a politics site that had been shut down in 2019. With plans to relaunch Splinter ahead of the 2024 U.S. presidential election, Paste Magazine aims to provide comprehensive political coverage and analysis. The acquisition of both Jezebel and Splinter solidifies Paste Magazine’s position as a prominent player in the digital media landscape.

The History of Jezebel and Gawker Media

Jezebel was originally launched in 2007 as part of Nick Denton’s Gawker Media empire. However, after Gawker Media faced a lawsuit from Hulk Hogan, it was forced into bankruptcy. Jezebel, along with other Gawker Media sites, was sold to Univision before ultimately being acquired by G/O Media. The recent closure of Jezebel by G/O Media left a void in the feminist media landscape, which Paste Magazine is determined to fill.

Conclusion: The resurrection of Jezebel under the ownership of Paste Magazine brings hope to its loyal readers and the broader feminist community. With a commitment to preserving Jezebel’s editorial independence and distinctive voice, Paste Magazine aims to continue delivering fearless and empowering content. This acquisition not only expands Paste Magazine’s influence but also ensures that Jezebel’s critical information and storytelling will live on. As Jezebel prepares for its comeback, readers can look forward to a revitalized platform that champions the issues that matter most to women.