Mayor Adams’ Turkey Travel Under Scrutiny in Federal Probe

Mayor Adams' Turkey Travel Under Scrutiny in Federal Probe

Federal investigators delve into Mayor Adams’ multiple trips to Turkey as part of their ongoing probe.

Mayor Adams’ 2021 campaign and its connections to Turkey have become the focus of a federal investigation. As part of their probe, investigators are examining Adams’ travel to Turkey over the years. While Adams has acknowledged traveling to Turkey up to seven times, he has provided little detail about the purpose of these trips. The investigation aims to uncover any potential wrongdoing or connections to the Turkish government. In this article, we delve into the details of Adams’ trips to Turkey and shed light on the questions surrounding them.

Adams’ First Trip to Turkey Raises Questions

Adams revealed that his first trip to Turkey occurred during his tenure as a state senator. He mentioned traveling to Azerbaijan and Baku with a Senate delegation and deciding to visit Turkey spontaneously. However, it remains unclear whether this trip involved any official business or who funded it. Adams has stated that he personally paid for all his travel expenses and has not been accused of any wrongdoing related to the federal probe.

Recreational Element in Adams’ Trip to Baku

During a trip to Baku in 2012, Adams attended the “Eurovision song contest,” according to a report by Azer News. This suggests that there was a recreational aspect to the trip. When asked to clarify the situation, Adams described the trip to Turkey as personal and alluded to another trip taken with government funding while he was in the Senate. He expressed willingness to review the records and rectify any oversight in reporting the trip.

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Multiple Trips to Turkey During Adams’ Tenure as Brooklyn Borough President

Adams’ financial disclosure forms indicate that he traveled to Turkey twice in 2015 while serving as Brooklyn borough president. These trips, along with his 2017 vacation to Turkey with his son, have been publicly acknowledged by Adams. However, there is no public record of him traveling to Turkey during his time as mayor. Questions regarding this travel have been redirected to the office of Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso.

Turkish Government-Tied Donations and Messages

In addition to Adams’ travel, the federal investigation is also focused on donations received by Adams’ 2021 campaign that potentially have ties to the Turkish government. One such donation came from employees at KSK Construction, a company led by Turkish immigrant Erden Arkan. Investigators are also examining messages Adams sent to former FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro on behalf of Turkey’s consul general in New York, Reyhan Özgür. Özgür sought Adams’ assistance in resolving fire safety issues at the Turkish Consulate.

Unanswered Questions Surrounding Adams’ Trips

Despite being asked to provide information about all his travel to Turkey, Adams initially agreed but later hesitated. Details of one trip involving funding from the Turkish consulate, Turkish Airlines, and Bahgesehir University have been reported. Adams’ fifth planned trip to Turkey in 2018 was connected to his involvement with the Young Guru Academy and their development of “smart canes” for the blind. However, little information is available about this trip, and Adams’ press team declined to answer questions regarding it.

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Conclusion: Mayor Adams’ multiple trips to Turkey have become a focal point of the federal investigation into his 2021 campaign and its connections to the Turkish government. While Adams has acknowledged his travels, the purpose and details of these trips remain unclear. Investigators are scrutinizing the potential ties between Adams’ travel, donations received by his campaign, and his interactions with Turkish officials. As the probe continues, it is crucial to uncover the truth behind Adams’ trips and any potential implications they may have on his political career.