Taylor Swift’s Influence Extends to College Campuses with New Courses in 2024

Taylor Swift's Influence Extends to College Campuses with New Courses in 2024

Harvard and the University of Florida join a growing list of institutions offering courses on Taylor Swift, exploring her music, cultural impact, and literary connections.

Taylor Swift, the renowned singer-songwriter, is not only dominating the music charts but also making waves in academia. Harvard and the University of Florida have recently announced courses dedicated to studying Swift and her influence. These courses are part of a larger trend of universities recognizing the significance of contemporary pop culture in academic discourse. From dissecting Swift’s lyrics to exploring her cultural impact, these courses provide a unique lens through which students can analyze broader societal issues.

Harvard Explores Taylor Swift’s Cultural Impact

Harvard’s course, titled “Taylor Swift and Her World,” will be taught by professor, poet, and critic Stephanie Burt. The course aims to delve into Swift’s work and its intersection with the literary canon. Students will analyze Swift’s lyrics alongside the works of renowned authors such as William Wordsworth and Willa Cather. Burt emphasizes the importance of studying an artist who is not only a major figure in the music industry but also one of the most famous people on the planet. The course at Harvard reflects the growing recognition of contemporary pop culture as a subject worthy of academic exploration.

University of Florida Delves into Musical Storytelling

At the University of Florida, students will have the opportunity to enroll in the course “Musical storytelling with Taylor Swift and other iconic female artists,” taught by Melina Jimenez. This course will not only focus on Swift’s discography but also examine the broader context of iconic female artists such as Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, and Dolly Parton. By studying Swift’s evergreen songwriting and the contributions of other influential women in music, students will gain a deeper understanding of the power of storytelling through music.

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A Growing Trend in Academia

Harvard and the University of Florida are not the first institutions to offer courses on Taylor Swift. Universities worldwide, including Ghent University in Belgium, the University of Texas at Austin, Rice University, Berklee College of Music, the University of California at Berkeley, Arizona State, New York University, and Stanford, have recognized the cultural significance of Swift’s work. These courses vary in their approach, but they all utilize Swift’s music as a gateway to explore critical analysis, cultural issues, and the impact of popular culture.

It is worth noting that the study of contemporary pop culture is becoming increasingly prevalent in academia. Texas State University has offered a class on Harry Styles, UC Berkeley has explored the impact of Nicki Minaj, and San Diego State has dedicated a course to the music of Bad Bunny. These examples represent a broader shift in the academic landscape, as universities acknowledge the importance of studying and understanding the cultural phenomena that shape our society.


Taylor Swift’s influence extends far beyond the music industry, reaching college campuses around the world. Harvard and the University of Florida’s new courses on Swift exemplify the growing recognition of contemporary pop culture as a subject of academic study. By analyzing Swift’s lyrics, cultural impact, and connections to the literary canon, students gain valuable insights into broader societal issues. As universities continue to embrace the study of contemporary pop culture, it becomes evident that artists like Taylor Swift are not only shaping the charts but also shaping the academic landscape.

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