TikToks Highlight Side Hustles Perfect for Introverts

TikToks Highlight Side Hustles Perfect for Introverts

Online videos showcase various side hustles that require minimal interaction and are ideal for introverts.

TikTok has become a platform for sharing tips and advice on various topics, and lately, videos about side hustles that are perfect for introverts have been gaining significant attention. These videos focus on money-making methods that require little to no interaction with clients or customers. From UX designing to blogging and selling products on Etsy, these side hustles offer introverts the opportunity to earn extra income while working in a way that suits their personality and preferences.

The Appeal of Online Businesses for Introverts

Many digital entrepreneurs turn to online businesses as a way to break free from the traditional nine-to-five office routine. These businesses allow individuals to work independently and primarily interact with clients or customers online. For introverts, who may find social interactions draining, these side hustles offer the perfect solution to make money while maintaining their preferred level of solitude.

UX Designing: A Solo Endeavor

Brett Williams, a UX designer, found the corporate nine-to-five grind monotonous and decided to venture into freelancing. As an introvert, he appreciated the freedom and flexibility that freelancing offered. Williams now runs his own design agency, where he works with over 40 clients who pay a monthly fee for his services. He has implemented a “zero-meeting policy” and prefers to communicate with clients through virtual project-management systems like Trello. Williams’ success as a UX designer highlights the potential for introverts to thrive in this field.

Etsy: A Haven for Introverted Creatives

Tammy Dinh, a Gen Z student, discovered her passion for creating clay figurines as a way to cope with anxiety. Instead of pursuing a traditional 9-to-5 job after college, Dinh started an Etsy shop to sell her clay key chains and stickers. Her side hustle quickly gained traction, and she now makes up to $9,500 a month. Dinh has also built a following on YouTube, where she vlogs about her sculpting process, generating an additional income stream. Her success demonstrates how introverts can turn their creative hobbies into profitable online businesses.

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Blogging: A Silent Path to Success

Blogging has long been a popular side hustle for introverts due to its solitary nature. Samantha North, a blogger who emigrated from the UK to Portugal, runs two successful websites that generated $115,000 in revenue last year. To enhance her blogging process, North has started using AI tools like ChatGPT to generate ideas, analyze content strategies, and even write blog post introductions. This allows her to create more content without the need for additional employees or freelancers. North’s experience showcases how introverts can leverage technology to excel in the blogging world.

Online Surveys: An Introvert’s Dream

Taking online surveys has become a low-effort side hustle for introverts looking to earn extra income. Jordan Frey, a plastic surgeon, started dedicating a few hours a week to online surveys, earning between $500 and $1,000 per month. These surveys require minimal communication with others and can be completed anonymously. Frey’s experience highlights how introverts can capitalize on their expertise and earn money through platforms that match them with relevant surveys.


The rise of TikToks highlighting side hustles perfect for introverts showcases the growing recognition of the unique strengths and preferences of introverted individuals. From UX designing to blogging, selling on Etsy, and taking online surveys, these side hustles offer introverts the opportunity to earn income while working in ways that align with their personality traits. The success stories of individuals like Brett Williams, Tammy Dinh, Samantha North, and Jordan Frey demonstrate that introverts can thrive in these online businesses, leveraging their skills and preferences to create successful and fulfilling careers. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the possibilities for introverts to find their niche and achieve financial success are expanding.

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