Shop Black Business Friday: Philadelphia Celebrates and Supports Local Entrepreneurs

Shop Black Business Friday: Philadelphia Celebrates and Supports Local Entrepreneurs

City resolution highlights the importance of shopping at Black-owned businesses during the holiday season

In a bid to promote and support Black-owned businesses, the City of Philadelphia has passed a resolution declaring every Friday of the holiday season as “Shop Black Business Friday.” Spearheaded by Philadelphia Councilmember At-Large Katherine Gilmore Richardson in collaboration with Visit Philadelphia, this initiative aims to bring attention to a diverse range of businesses, including those run by young local entrepreneurs. One such entrepreneur is Taelyn Gray, an 11-year-old tennis apparel designer, whose brand Love U Bunches pays tribute to her late grandmother. Additionally, Ubuntu Fine Art Gallery showcases the captivating photography of Steven CW Taylor, offering a unique perspective on Philadelphia and the world. By highlighting these businesses and others, Shop Black Business Friday seeks to encourage support for Black-owned businesses beyond the holiday season.

Love U Bunches: A Tennis Apparel Brand with Heart and Inspiration

Taelyn Gray, an 11-year-old entrepreneur from Montgomery County, is the creative mind behind Love U Bunches, a tennis apparel brand. Inspired by her late grandmother, Taelyn wanted to share the love her grandmother always expressed by creating tennis dresses with inspirational themes. Each dress is named after a different concept, such as confidence, and is designed to be both stylish and affordable. Taelyn’s parents, Sheldon and Melanie Gray, are proud of their daughter’s thoughtful and entrepreneurial spirit, as she aims to make all girls feel like tennis players. Love U Bunches dresses are available for purchase online.

Ubuntu Fine Art Gallery: Capturing Time and Perspective through Photography

Located in the heart of Germantown, Ubuntu Fine Art Gallery showcases the captivating photography of Steven CW Taylor. Taylor, known as the “time thief,” captures moments from around the world, aiming to preserve them for future generations. The gallery provides a fresh perspective on Philadelphia and the world, with current exhibitions featuring photos from six different countries, as well as snapshots of life in Philadelphia. Ubuntu Fine Art Gallery is one of the businesses featured on Visit Philadelphia’s list for Shop Black Business Friday, highlighting the importance of supporting diverse businesses.

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Shop Black Business Friday: A Platform for Diverse Businesses

Now in its third year, Shop Black Business Friday aims to promote and support businesses owned by Black, Asian, and Latino entrepreneurs. Jenea Robinson of Visit Philadelphia emphasizes the significance of supporting these businesses, as they often face challenges in accessing funding and capital. The initiative encourages individuals to shop at diverse businesses not only during the holiday season but throughout the year. By shining a spotlight on these entrepreneurs, Shop Black Business Friday hopes to inspire and uplift the next generation of Black business owners.

Conclusion: Shop Black Business Friday in Philadelphia celebrates and supports the entrepreneurial spirit of Black, Asian, and Latino business owners. Through initiatives like this, the city aims to bring attention and customers to diverse businesses that often face funding and capital challenges. Taelyn Gray’s Love U Bunches tennis apparel brand and Steven CW Taylor’s Ubuntu Fine Art Gallery exemplify the creativity and unique perspectives found within these communities. As individuals continue to support these businesses, they contribute to the growth and success of Black-owned businesses beyond the holiday season, inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Visit Philadelphia’s list of featured businesses provides an opportunity for consumers to discover and support these remarkable ventures.