Small Business Saturday: Celebrating Local Businesses and Boosting the San Antonio Economy

Small Business Saturday: Celebrating Local Businesses and Boosting the San Antonio Economy

Small Business Saturday gains momentum in San Antonio, supporting community-owned businesses and fostering economic growth.

In the heart of San Antonio, The Blend Nutrition and Gym, owned by Natalie Zernick, is celebrating its one-year anniversary. Like many small business owners, Zernick knows that running a business requires adaptability and perseverance. Small Business Saturday, an annual event dedicated to supporting local businesses and stimulating the local economy, has gained significant traction in recent years, particularly after the challenges posed by the pandemic. This year, entrepreneurs like Zernick are seizing the opportunity to showcase their offerings and expand their reach.

Building a Brand and Ensuring Survival:

For Zernick, survival and brand-building are always at the forefront of her mind. The rebranding of The Blend Nutrition and Gym has been a significant milestone, and now, a year later, Zernick is excited about the prospect of expansion. Small Business Saturday, which originated in 2010, has become a crucial platform for entrepreneurs like Zernick to gain visibility and garner support from their local communities.

Pop-Up Event Boosts Small Business Sustainability:

To further bolster small business sustainability, the founder of the 4Goodness Project Inc., Erica Shimamura, organized a pop-up event at the Jefferson Bodega. This event provided an opportunity for businesses without their own storefronts to showcase their products and services. Shimamura emphasized the importance of accessibility and representation, commending the fearless pursuit of these entrepreneurs. The event brought together dozens of vendors, creating a supportive environment where entrepreneurs like Megan Davila, owner of Megan Made It, could promote their businesses and connect with the community.

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Fostering Collaboration, Not Competition:

Shimamura highlighted the absence of competition among the businesses at the pop-up event, emphasizing the abundance of talent in the city. This collaborative spirit fosters an environment where small businesses can thrive and contribute to the local economy. By choosing to shop small, consumers have the power to nurture local artistry and ensure that their money directly benefits the community.

The Push for Shopping Small:

The city of San Antonio has actively promoted shopping small through its holiday shopping resources guide. Councilwoman Sukh Kaur has even released a shopping guide specifically tailored to District 1, further encouraging residents to support local businesses. By choosing to shop small this winter season, residents can make a significant impact on the San Antonio economy, ensuring that their dollars circulate within the community and contribute to its growth and development.


Small Business Saturday serves as a vital platform for community-owned businesses to showcase their offerings and gain support from the local community. Entrepreneurs like Natalie Zernick of The Blend Nutrition and Gym are testament to the resilience and passion that fuels small businesses. The pop-up event organized by Erica Shimamura further highlights the collaborative and supportive nature of the small business community in San Antonio. By choosing to shop small, consumers have the power to foster economic growth, support local artistry, and strengthen the fabric of their community. As the holiday season approaches, let us remember the impact of our choices and the potential we have to make a difference by supporting small businesses in San Antonio.

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