Small Business Saturday Provides Much-Needed Boost for Local Businesses

Small Business Saturday Provides Much-Needed Boost for Local Businesses

Holiday shoppers show increased support for small businesses, surpassing Black Friday spending

Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to supporting local businesses, has proven to be a lifeline for many small businesses in Minneapolis. As holiday shoppers look for unique gifts and personalized experiences, they are increasingly turning to small businesses, giving them the boost they need to recover from the challenges posed by the pandemic. With consumer spending returning to pre-pandemic levels, this year’s Small Business Saturday has been particularly successful, providing hope and optimism for business owners.

A Stronger Showing Than Black Friday

According to a report by Bankrate, 60 percent of holiday shoppers are likely to spend on Small Business Saturday, surpassing the 56 percent of shoppers who are likely to shop on Black Friday. This shift in consumer behavior reflects a growing desire to support local businesses and invest in the community. The National Retail Federation also confirms that consumer spending is rebounding this holiday season, further bolstering the prospects for small businesses.

Antiques on Mainstreet: A Testament to Success

Nancy Miller, co-owner of Antiques on Mainstreet in Hopkins, expressed her optimism about this year’s Small Business Saturday. Miller noted that the day had been exceptionally busy and described it as a “great day.” The increased foot traffic and support from customers have provided a much-needed boost to their business. This positive experience is echoed by other small business owners in the area.

Ultimate Collectibles: Riding the Wave of Success

Ultimate Collectibles, located across the street from Antiques on Mainstreet, experienced a surge in customer traffic during Small Business Saturday. Kelly Wells, the Sports Card Manager, mentioned that they had observed several spikes in sales throughout the day. In fact, the business is performing as well as, if not better than, the previous year. This resurgence in sales signals a return to normalcy and offers hope for the future.

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Paperback Exchange: Turning the Page on COVID

Andy Hersey, the owner of Paperback Exchange in Linden Hills, shared his journey of recovery from the impact of the pandemic. While the initial period was challenging for his business, as it was for many others, Hersey expressed gratitude for the gradual increase in business as restrictions eased. He described the last few years as “pretty good” and emphasized the importance of customer support in helping small businesses thrive.


Small Business Saturday has emerged as a crucial day for local businesses, providing them with a much-needed boost during the holiday season. The increased support from holiday shoppers, surpassing the spending on Black Friday, demonstrates a growing inclination to invest in the community and support small businesses. Business owners in Minneapolis, such as Nancy Miller, Kelly Wells, and Andy Hersey, have experienced the positive impact of this day firsthand, with increased foot traffic and sales. As consumer spending returns to pre-pandemic levels, the future looks promising for small businesses, offering hope for a strong recovery and a thriving local economy.